List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
USD015 File Server Migration Closed Close Neil Bruce 04-Feb-2014
BAY202 Enhance collaboration with CSE Schools, EPCC, CSE College Research Committee the Alan Turing Institute (ATI), improving connectivity of Bayes communities to existing activity In Progress Execute Michael Rovatsos 01-Aug-2019
EST100 BIM Strategic Review Not Started Initiate Derrick Matheson 18-Jun-2018
P0350 Diveplane GEMINAI Not Started Initiate Chris Daly 27-Jan-2022
API033 PDF generation-storage as a Service In Progress Execute Gregory Carter 16-Jan-2018
SAC027 SFC Outcome Agreements Additional Requirements Withdrawn Plan Christopher Burnett 05-Nov-2013
DTI023 Enterprise APIs - Analysis and Requirements Withdrawn Initiate Chris Copner 07-Dec-2017
P0244 Statistics - Unlocking Data Not Started Initiate Amy Woodgate 08-Nov-2015
HSD003 HSD003: Website reviews - FSU Not Started Initiate Candice Schmid 09-Feb-2017
DTI040 Implement Integrated Identities Withdrawn Close Hilary Shand 31-Oct-2018
SEPFTP006 Target Operating Model (TOM) Closed Close Ana Eden 08-Jan-2018
HRS075 HR & Payroll Annual Maintenance 13/14 Closed Close Anne Mathison 24-Sep-2013
SRS-Web-1718 13.4 SRS Website Improvements In Progress Execute Sarah Ford-Hutchinson 01-Nov-2017
INI022 Remote desktop build process Not Started Initiate Vladimir Zirojevic 24-Oct-2016
SSG010 ESS Small Enhancements Closed Close Laura Bell 09-May-2013
P0228 IT and Library Service Catalogue Not Started Initiate James Jarvis 23-Feb-2016
LTI007 Drones - innovative media production Closed Close Amy Woodgate 09-Feb-2016
P0321 Guidance for Benefits Management Not Started Initiate Rhian Davies 01-Jul-2019
API005 Instant, consistent, representative local development environments Closed Close John Allison 23-Nov-2015
SAC009 SFC Outcome Agreements & Strategic Plan Widening Participation Closed Close Duncan Scott 06-Aug-2012
ISI014 'Pioneering Research Data' Exhibition In Progress Execute Stuart Macdonald 02-Feb-2016
CCB005 Stakeholder Engagement: Communicating with Students In Progress Plan Serena Fredrick 03-Feb-2017
P0353 HDS Recruitment Not Started Initiate Sue Woodger 01-Jun-2022
EST105 BIM Implementation Withdrawn Close Derrick Matheson 01-Aug-2019
SAS013 Comprehensive Student Timetabling Closed Close Swati Chauhan 10-Apr-2018