List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
SAC077B Data Futures - Academic Model (workstream) Closed Close Franck Bergeret 03-Dec-2020 11-May-2022
MVM530 Cataloguing CMVM IS Services Closed Close Myles Ewen 17-May-2021 12-May-2022
MVM531 CMVM Study Spaces - 2021 Closed Close Sheila Fraser 19-Aug-2021 12-May-2022
DTI057 EventsAir - Embed and Optimise Closed Close Andrew Stewart 26-Mar-2021 13-May-2022
ENT201 Server hosting improvements Closed Close Morna Findlay 18-Mar-2020 23-May-2022
RSS405 Tape Library Replacement Closed Close Lawrence Stevenson 22-Oct-2021 27-May-2022
COM061 Annual JIRA Upgrade Closed Close David Watters 06-Aug-2021 27-May-2022
DTFW01 Hybrid Working Project In Progress Deliver Gail Redford 09-Nov-2020 30-May-2022
AV2944 CMB Meeting Room 2 and 4 Upgrade Closed Close David Whitaker 24-Jan-2022 31-May-2022
COR007D Desktop CoA Converter In Progress Execute Andrew Stewart 20-Apr-2022 08-Jun-2022
TEL084 Understanding Learning Analytics on MS Teams Closed Close Joe Tomaney 01-Feb-2022 10-Jun-2022
SAC089 SITS Double software upgrade Closed Close Alan Donald 12-Oct-2021 10-Jun-2022
CSG020 IRM Onboarding for Unicef Collaborative Closed Close Gail Redford 13-Jan-2022 10-Jun-2022
MVM141 Replacement for PathCAL/EROS and Labyrinth Closed Close Gail Redford 02-Oct-2020 14-Jun-2022
DTP009 Windows 10 Pilot to Full Service Transition to Staff Closed Close Maurice Franceschi 01-Mar-2017 15-Jun-2022
DTP012 Deployment of Window 10 To Staff Managed Devices Closed Close Maurice Franceschi 15-Mar-2018 15-Jun-2022
OCP002 Online Course and OER Brochures In Progress Execute Ellen Groen 08-Feb-2022 17-Jun-2022
DLIB008 DAMS Implementation Closed Close Alan Donald 23-Apr-2021 23-Jun-2022
STU267 CareerHub Migration to the Cloud In Progress Execute Susan Ridder-Patrick 09-Aug-2021 24-Jun-2022
SAC088 Migrate SITS database (STAR) off physical server to VM Closed Close Chris Konczak 25-Aug-2021 24-Jun-2022
MVM140 CMVM eAssessment Suspended Deliver Alistair Wallace 07-Jul-2020 27-Jun-2022
SAC085 GDPR 2 for student systems Suspended Analyse Franck Bergeret 01-Oct-2021 30-Jun-2022
LTW010 Hybrid Classroom 21/22 Closed Close Colin Forrest 23-Jun-2021 30-Jun-2022
LUC064 Culture Lab/Dig It Up In Progress Execute Daryl Green 14-Feb-2022 30-Jun-2022
TEL076 Support and Guidance for Teams for Teaching Closed Close Colin Forrest 29-Jun-2021 30-Jun-2022