List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
DTI047 EDW Access and Authorisation In Progress Deliver Jamie Thin 30-Aug-2018 29-Jul-2022
AV2945 SoEngineering 2022 AV Upgrades Closed Close Richard Leslie 01-Feb-2022 29-Jul-2022
COM066 Bi-Annual Grouper Upgrade In Progress Plan Richard Bailey 13-Jan-2022 29-Jul-2022
RSS412 Research Services Network Security Review Closed Close Chris Walker 22-Jun-2022 29-Jul-2022
LUC033 Development of the Digital Preservation Archive In Progress Initiate Rachel Hosker 10-Dec-2020 31-Jul-2022
LUC041 Community Connector: At Home with Heritage Closed Close Ruthanne Baxter 21-Mar-2021 31-Jul-2022
SLB1 SLB1 General Labs Engagement and SLSG Support In Progress Deliver Andrew Arnott 01-Aug-2017 31-Jul-2022
SLB2 SLB2 Utilities, Waste and Carbon Saving In Progress Deliver Andrew Arnott 01-Aug-2017 31-Jul-2022
EDIP0195 LitLong Suspended Deliver Andrew Horne 24-May-2019 31-Jul-2022
SLB3 SLB3 Living Labs Research in Lab settings In Progress Deliver Andrew Arnott 01-Aug-2017 31-Jul-2022
SLB4 SLB4 Technical Staff CPD In Progress Deliver Andrew Arnott 01-Aug-2017 31-Jul-2022
BAY103 Develop a Pilot executive education/CPD portfolio Closed Close Daniel Montgomery 01-Nov-2019 31-Jul-2022
MVM149 Year 4 Outpatient Booking System Closed Close Andrew Millington 09-May-2022 02-Aug-2022
MVM150 BMS Honours Project portal enhancements Closed Close Andrew Millington 16-May-2022 02-Aug-2022
PMO009 Process Mapping Framework Closed Close Sophie Ingram-Johnson 08-Jun-2022 03-Aug-2022
PMO010 Information Signposting Closed Close Rachel Miya Malouf 10-Jun-2022 03-Aug-2022
TEL083 Moodle Annual Upgrade Closed Close Ailsa Glass 13-Jan-2022 05-Aug-2022
PMO008 Professional Development (Learning and Development) Closed Close Marianne Walker 10-Jun-2022 11-Aug-2022
PMO007 Unified Resourcing Process In Progress Execute Ross Mennie 10-Jun-2022 11-Aug-2022
AV2946 Charteris Levels 3 + 4 Closed Close Guy Tittley 01-Feb-2022 19-Aug-2022
OCP005 CPD Market Research In Progress Execute Joe Tomaney 11-Apr-2022 19-Aug-2022
TEL082 QMP Upgrade In Progress Execute Colin Watt 13-Jan-2022 19-Aug-2022
SAS020 New MyEd Finance Channel In Progress Execute Ranald Swanson 31-Oct-2019 19-Aug-2022
DTI049 HR Datamart for Strategic Reporting Closed Close Jamie Thin 24-Jun-2019 23-Aug-2022
DTP017 Deployment of MAC Desktop to Labs In Progress Deliver Maurice Franceschi 07-May-2018 26-Aug-2022