List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
SCE021 Email Migration for the School of Physics and Astronomy (SoPA) Closed Close Muriel Mewissen 30-Jun-2022 16-Jan-2023
SAC094 MongoDb upgrade Closed Close Franck Bergeret 20-Oct-2022 17-Jan-2023
EST141 Enhanced Space Management for EFI Withdrawn Close David Shannon 20-Jun-2022 27-Jan-2023
RSS503 ACF Services Relocation - Appraisal and Costed Options Closed Close Chris Walker 14-Sep-2022 31-Jan-2023
IDR305 Azure Governance and Operations Closed Close Maurice Franceschi 08-Mar-2021 31-Jan-2023
MVM532 University card access control for laboratory equipment Withdrawn Close Muriel Mewissen 19-Sep-2022 03-Feb-2023
OCP007 Professional Certificate in Nitrogen Management Essentials Closed Close Fiona Buckland 07-Nov-2022 03-Feb-2023
EST139 Estates IT Systems Audit Closed Close Marjory Howarth 26-Nov-2021 10-Feb-2023
OCP001 Digital Badges Procurement Closed Close Nikki Stuart 10-Jan-2022 10-Feb-2023
DST201 Deployment of MDM Service Closed Close Maurice Franceschi 25-Nov-2019 21-Feb-2023
RSS501 DataStore Fibre Channel Replacement Closed Close Lawrence Stevenson 09-Aug-2022 24-Feb-2023
RSS214 Research Procurement Framework Replacement Closed Close Lawrence Stevenson 03-Feb-2020 28-Feb-2023
DLIB019 Vernon Procurement Review Withdrawn Close Karen Stirling 04-Aug-2022 28-Feb-2023
AV2791 KB-Nucleus Project (NP) Closed Close John Power 01-Jan-2019 28-Feb-2023
MVM535 Marketing Performance and Analytics Framework Closed Close Africa Reboto-Lopez 05-Aug-2022 28-Feb-2023
DTP022 Deployment of Windows 10 To Specialist Devices Closed Close Maurice Franceschi 18-Dec-2018 02-Mar-2023
MVM145 Accessibility for MVMLAT applications Closed Close Karen Howie 17-Dec-2020 07-Mar-2023
USG020 Result Days and Clearing 2022 Helpline Closed Close Muriel Mewissen 03-Feb-2022 09-Mar-2023
RSS408 Data Vault V : Code Refactoring Development Closed Close Chris Walker 12-Apr-2022 24-Mar-2023
RIS029 Information Governance: Systems & Integration Closed Close Karen Stirling 06-Oct-2022 31-Mar-2023
USG019 Development & Alumni CRM deployment Closed Close Susan Ridder-Patrick 02-Jul-2021 31-Mar-2023
LTW011 Digital Skills Programme Migration to People & Money In Progress Execute Jenni Houston 10-Nov-2021 31-Mar-2023
LUC066 The Archive of Tomorrow: Health Information and Misinformation in the UK Web Archive Closed Close Sara Thomson 07-Feb-2022 03-Apr-2023
WPS008 Web Publishing Platform Implementation In Progress Execute Bruce Darby 08-Mar-2021 14-Apr-2023
RIS024 Worktribe Upgrades v2022.7 and v2023.1 Closed Close Chris Konczak 22-Sep-2022 27-Apr-2023