List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
AV2952 TAP22 - Minto House Sm Rm 1 to 5 In Progress Integrate Guy Tittley 01-Feb-2022 30-Sep-2022
USG020 Result Days and Clearing 2022 Helpline In Progress Execute Muriel Mewissen 03-Feb-2022 30-Sep-2022
LUC039 Through Lyell's Eyes - Conservation Closed Close Pamela McIntyre 10-Dec-2020 30-Sep-2022
DST402 Locally Managed Windows Devices - Setting a Strategy Withdrawn Initiate Maurice Franceschi 13-Jul-2022 30-Sep-2022
SAC090 EFI programmes in EUCLID In Progress Deliver Franck Bergeret 05-Nov-2021 30-Sep-2022
OCP001 Digital Badges Procurement In Progress Execute Joe Tomaney 10-Jan-2022 30-Sep-2022
SCE021 Email Migration for the School of Physics and Astronomy (SoPA) In Progress Plan Muriel Mewissen 30-Jun-2022 30-Sep-2022
EST139 Estates IT Systems Audit Suspended Plan Marjory Howarth 26-Nov-2021 30-Sep-2022
DST201 Deployment of MDM Service In Progress Execute Maurice Franceschi 25-Nov-2019 07-Oct-2022
RIS022 Pure Upgrades v5.22 to v5.24 In Progress Execute Chris Konczak 21-Oct-2021 14-Oct-2022
SAC092 Student Support - New Model in EUCLID In Progress Deliver Franck Bergeret 02-May-2022 24-Oct-2022
RSS214 Research Procurement Framework Replacement In Progress Procure Lawrence Stevenson 03-Feb-2020 28-Oct-2022
HSS039 CAHSS WAM Market Review In Progress Execute Susan Ridder-Patrick 04-Apr-2022 28-Oct-2022
TTU023 Timetabling Annual Roll-forward to 2022/23 In Progress Plan Alan Donald 03-Sep-2021 28-Oct-2022
OCP003 Digital Badges - Standards and Governance In Progress Execute Joe Tomaney 18-Mar-2022 28-Oct-2022
AV2600 Institute for Regeneration and Repair Project (IRRP) Withdrawn Plan John Power 01-Aug-2015 31-Oct-2022
LTW012 Staff Online Training Migration to People & Money Project Overview In Progress Execute Jenni Houston 10-Nov-2021 31-Oct-2022
LTW011 Digital Skills Programme Migration to People & Money In Progress Execute Jenni Houston 10-Nov-2021 31-Oct-2022
RSS409 Research Services Architecture Security Review Not Started Initiate Chris Walker 15-Aug-2022 31-Oct-2022
LUC035 Speaking Out Not Started Initiate Louise Williams 01-Nov-2021 01-Nov-2022
WPS012 Annual Portal Services Upgrade In Progress Plan Chris Konczak 03-Dec-2021 04-Nov-2022
COR005 People and Money - Systems Integration In Progress Execute Emma Mcnab 04-Nov-2019 11-Nov-2022
COR004 People and Money - Data Migration Project In Progress Plan Emma Mcnab 27-Nov-2018 11-Nov-2022
IDR402 Microsoft Software Licensing Agreement Renewal In Progress Plan Maurice Franceschi 02-May-2022 18-Nov-2022
USG019 Development & Alumni CRM deployment In Progress Plan Susan Ridder-Patrick 05-Jul-2021 21-Nov-2022