List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
TEL045 Annual Moodle Upgrade Closed Close Karen Stirling 06-Feb-2017 25-Aug-2017
TEL046 STACK Scalable Connection to Learn Closed Close Karen Beggs 03-Mar-2017 07-Jul-2017
TEL047 AP67-012 QMP Upgrade 16/17 Withdrawn Close Colin Watt 01-Jun-2017 30-Jun-2017
TEL048 Learn Database Migration to Oracle 12 Closed Close Nicholas Graham 16-Oct-2017
TEL049 VLE Standards Withdrawn Close Laura Woods-Dunlop 16-Oct-2017 24-Aug-2018
TEL050 Academic Blogging Service Closed Close Sonali Nakhate 04-Dec-2017 18-Oct-2019
TEL051 Annual Moodle Upgrade (17/18) Closed Close Ben Armstrong 12-Jan-2018 03-Aug-2018
TEL052 QMP Upgrade Closed Close Colin Watt 08-Jan-2018 21-Feb-2020
TEL053 Learn Annual Upgrade Closed Close Sue Woodger 08-Jan-2018 03-Aug-2018
TEL054 AP78-060 TEL Improvements Withdrawn Initiate Colin Watt 08-Jan-2018
TEL055 Computational Notebooks Pilot Project In Progress Plan James Slack 14-Dec-2017
TEL056 Edinburgh Surgery Online Learn go-live Closed Close Karen Beggs 03-Sep-2018 27-Sep-2019
TEL057 Learn Foundations Closed Analyse Lee-Ann Simpson 27-Aug-2018 18-Jan-2022
TEL058 Learn to the Cloud Closed Close Karen Beggs 01-Oct-2018 03-Jul-2020
TEL059 Moodle Upgrade Closed Close Colin Watt 14-Jan-2019 02-Aug-2019
TEL060 Learn Upgrade Closed Close Sonali Nakhate 04-Mar-2019 09-Aug-2019
TEL061 (AP89-915) TEL Improvements Withdrawn Close Colin Watt 11-Jan-2019 14-Jun-2019
TEL062 Wordpress site upgrade Closed Close Mark Findlay 25-Feb-2019 01-Oct-2019
TEL063 upgrade to Linkedin Learning Closed Close Kevin Hone 13-May-2019 20-Apr-2020
TEL064 Moodle Upgrade Closed Close Mark Downey 10-Jan-2020 14-Aug-2020
TEL065 Noteable Service Closed Close James Slack 09-Sep-2019 31-Mar-2020
TEL066 Academic Blogging Service LTI enhancements Closed Close James Slack 12-Nov-2019
TEL067 Academic Blogging upgrade 2020 Closed Close Karen Beggs 03-Apr-2020 24-Jul-2020
TEL068 E-Assessment Procurement and Implementation Closed Close Colin Forrest 25-May-2020 01-Oct-2021
TEL070 Moodle Annual Upgrade Closed Close David Watters 22-Jan-2021 06-Aug-2021