List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
Stub Not Started Student Newspaper
LUC073 Digital Collections Platform Implementation Not Started Initiate Ianthe Sutherland 29-Jan-2024
MVM305 Flexible Server hosting In Progress Initiate Doug Redpath 21-Apr-2017
LUC075 Esther Inglis 2024 Not Started Initiate Anna-Nadine Pike 12-Feb-2024
P0241 Sit Less, Get Active Not Started Initiate Amy Woodgate 18-Oct-2015
P0311 Digital Enhancement of Medieval Manuscript Collection Not Started Initiate Aline Brodin 08-Jan-2018
HRS093 HR Events Booking Enhancements Withdrawn Initiate Michael McMonagle 13-Mar-2017
P0319 PPLS Technical Knowledge Repository Not Started Initiate Alisdair Tullo 27-Jun-2018
ENT033 Mail Relays Data Management Withdrawn Initiate Ross Marrins 03-May-2018 09-May-2018
ENT202 WITHDRAWN - SEP requirements Withdrawn Initiate Maurice Franceschi 17-Jul-2020 17-Jul-2020
EST111 Estates Archibus support remediation Suspended Initiate Andy Gray 11-Dec-2017
AV3040 Appleton Tower AV Reinstatement Not Started Initiate Richard Leslie 01-Aug-2024 31-Dec-2024
SAC009 - P3 P3 - Bursaries and RUK HEBBS Upload In Progress Initiate Duncan Scott 01-Sep-2012 16-Aug-2013
ISI009 Eduroam adoption in NHS Board areas Not Started Initiate Paul Clark 02-Feb-2016
WPS016 EdWeb Decommissioning Not Started Initiate Tim Gray 01-Nov-2024 28-Feb-2025
LUC074 Digital Collections Migration: LUNA Not Started Initiate Gavin Willshaw 19-Jan-2024
MVM505 CMVM IT Finance costs portfolio Withdrawn Initiate Jens Brincker 01-Aug-2019 20-Aug-2019
API031 Creating User Centric Requirements and Improving Quality into the Requirements Process Closed Initiate Sue Woodger 08-Jan-2018
P0242 Introduction to Marketing Not Started Initiate Amy Woodgate 01-Sep-2015
COLL008 E-textbooks Not Started Initiate Karen Stirling 28-Mar-2024 31-Oct-2024
MVM102 Innovative Technology review Withdrawn Initiate Alan Gilchrist 02-Dec-2019 03-Jun-2020
P0288 KeepSafe Europe In Progress Initiate Adam Rusbridge 01-Aug-2016
CSG014 Procurement Roles and Responsibility Guidance Withdrawn Initiate Lucy Sinclair 06-Jul-2018
ENT034 DR Testing for Enterprise Services Withdrawn Initiate Maurice Franceschi 05-Mar-2018 06-Mar-2018
ENT203 WITHDRAWN - Oracle DB move to Virtual Withdrawn Initiate Maurice Franceschi 02-Mar-2020 03-Jul-2020