List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
ITS102 Card System Migration Closed Close Karen Stirling 23-Jan-2013 26-Jul-2013
AV2889 IGMM - Summer 2020 AV Upgrades Closed Close Eddy O'Hare 01-Apr-2020 10-Sep-2021
MOOC024 Introduction to Social Research Methods Closed Close Stephen McEwan 03-Aug-2017
RSS001 Eddie Build and Service Launch Closed Close Maurice Franceschi 21-Aug-2015 16-Feb-2016
TEL061 (AP89-915) TEL Improvements Withdrawn Close Colin Watt 11-Jan-2019 14-Jun-2019
LTI001 A comparative study between a low-cost capture agent and mobile devices Closed Close Marc Jennings 08-Feb-2016
DTI015 Student Record APIs Closed Close Chris Copner 03-Apr-2017 01-Sep-2017
P0171 Library Course Collections Pilot Closed Close Richard Battersby 01-Jan-2015 31-Jul-2015
DLAS010 Learning Analytics for DLAS Closed Close Kevin Hone 01-Mar-2018 01-May-2020
UWP015 EdWeb Collaboration Pilot and Feature Development Closed Close Tim Gray 30-Sep-2016
INF148 Patching Process for Application Components - Implementation Closed Close Chris Konczak 03-Feb-2020 13-Nov-2020
EST103 Estates EPPM Implementation Closed Close Derrick Matheson 13-Jun-2017 31-Jul-2020
EST074 E&B Compliance Management System Closed Close Andrew Stewart 23-Aug-2013 28-Nov-2014
AV2757 CT - 24 Buccleuch Place 2018 AV Upgrade Closed Close Stephen Dishon 01-May-2018 14-Sep-2018
P0264 The eeSurg VLE Migration Project Closed Close Karen Beggs 28-Nov-2016 13-Nov-2018
RSS019 DataStore Refactor and Server Refresh Closed Close Andy Todd 27-Feb-2017 05-Dec-2017
FIN090 eExpenses replacement evaluation Closed Close Rhian Davies 27-Jun-2013 30-May-2014
COM060 MFA Rollout for O365 Email Withdrawn Close David Watters 01-Apr-2021
ESA3 ESA3 Special Awards Suspended Close Caroline Overy 02-Oct-2017 31-Jul-2021
INF117 Bamboo Upgrade 2016 Closed Close Gillian Henderson 18-Feb-2016 26-May-2016
DLAS015 DLAS Market Research Toolkit Closed Close Lauren Johnston-Smith 31-Jan-2019 11-Nov-2019
LCI027 Library UX Interns Closed Close Serena Fredrick 25-Oct-2016 30-Sep-2017
AV2896 Geosciences - Grant 248 Student Study Room Closed Close Stephen Dishon 06-Apr-2020 31-Jul-2020
INF127 LAMP / WIMP Platform Upgrade Closed Close Anne Mathison 09-Aug-2017 12-Oct-2018
PPP015 USS Interface updates Withdrawn Close Emma Mcnab 07-Jan-2019