List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
AV2632 KB-Engineering SMC 1.03 Closed Close Stephen Dishon 31-Oct-2017
API014 IS Talent Register - transforming staff development Closed Close Morna Findlay 23-Nov-2015 29-Jul-2016
PMO008 Professional Development (Learning and Development) Closed Close Marianne Walker 10-Jun-2022 11-Aug-2022
LUC010 St Cecilia's Hall Redevelopment Project Closed Close Jacky MacBeath 05-Jan-2015
AV2805 Teaching Accommodation Programme 2019 Closed Close Stephen Carter 01-Oct-2018 31-Aug-2019
UWS004 Search Improvements (within Polopoly) Closed Close Tim Gray 23-Jul-2012 09-Jan-2014
AV2720 7-8 Chamber Street AV Closed Close Stephen Dishon 21-Sep-2017 31-Jan-2019
LTI029 Teacherbot Service Pilot Closed Close Stewart Cromar 24-Oct-2016 22-Aug-2017
COM044 Serengeti Database Annual Migration / Upgrade Closed Close Anne Mathison 02-Nov-2018 11-Apr-2019
HRS070 Implement New eRecruitment System Closed Close Rhian Davies 23-Nov-2011
SAC066 HECoS Closed Close Lesley Elliot 02-Oct-2017 09-Nov-2018
LCI009 Wrap Around Remix Competition Closed Close Norman Rodger 20-Jan-2016 05-Jan-2017
CSG007 Learning and Development Requirements for CSG Closed Close Ben Armstrong 01-Jul-2015 06-Jan-2017
DTI014 Enterprise API Technology Closed Close Chris Copner 10-Mar-2017 15-Dec-2017
EST127 Estates Energy and Security windows server update Closed Close Chris Konczak 13-Sep-2019 26-Feb-2021
RES059 PURE Upgrades 2015 Closed Close Jill Nicoll 23-Oct-2014 19-Aug-2015
SAC051 Student Administration: Student Record Change Request Form EUCLID Integration Closed Close Lana Smith 14-Jan-2016
AV2755 KB-Daniel Rutherford Lab B06 & B07 Withdrawn Close Stephen Dishon 01-Feb-2019 10-Sep-2021
TEL063 upgrade to Linkedin Learning Closed Close Kevin Hone 13-May-2019 20-Apr-2020
FIN100 ABS Systems Patching for Java 7 Closed Close Ben Armstrong 18-Aug-2014
SAC087 SITS double software upgrade Closed Close Alan Donald 05-Oct-2020 30-Nov-2021
P0268 The EEMeC Content Migration Project Withdrawn Close Annie Heaney 25-Sep-2017 21-Feb-2018
DTI005 ETL Implementation Closed Close Andrew Stewart 02-Apr-2018 26-Jul-2019
AV2684 Lecture Recording (Replay) Closed Close Euan Thomson 08-Jan-2018 13-Sep-2019
ECA010 ECA Portal Exam Board Enhancements Closed Close Craig Middlemass 14-Feb-2014 13-Jun-2014