List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
ENT033 Mail Relays Data Management Withdrawn Initiate Ross Marrins 03-May-2018 09-May-2018
ENT036 Veeam Backup of Microsoft SQL servers Closed Close Ross Marrins 23-Apr-2018 03-Aug-2018
ENT024 Email Directories Refactor Closed Close Ross Marrins 21-Aug-2017 23-Jan-2019
SAS009 Student Immigration Service Closed Close Swati Chauhan 09-Mar-2018 12-Apr-2019
SAS013 Comprehensive Student Timetabling Closed Close Swati Chauhan 10-Apr-2018
SRS-SCF2 13.8 Development of a new Sustainable Campus Fund application tool on MySRS Closed Close Aaron McHale 01-Sep-2017 31-Jan-2020
MVM318 DataLoch application process Closed Close Laura Woods-Dunlop 08-Jun-2020 31-Jul-2021
TEL049 VLE Standards Withdrawn Close Laura Woods-Dunlop 16-Oct-2017 24-Aug-2018
CSG014 Procurement Roles and Responsibility Guidance Withdrawn Initiate Lucy Sinclair 06-Jul-2018
P0320 Document Management System Planning Closed Initiate Pedro Schulze Navarrete 09-Jul-2018
MVM150 BMS Honours Project portal enhancements Closed Close Andrew Millington 16-May-2022 29-Jul-2022
MVM151 Rotations Feedback Closed Close Andrew Millington 16-May-2022 29-Sep-2023
MVM134 MBChB Evaluation System Closed Close Andrew Millington 09-Sep-2019 08-Apr-2020
MVM138 Vets EMS Placement Management Closed Close Andrew Millington 20-Jan-2020 05-Sep-2020
USI018 PC Availability App Closed Close Andrew Millington 21-Jan-2019 05-Jul-2019
MVM139 Curriculum Mapping Tool (COMMAND) Closed Execute Andrew Millington 20-Jan-2020 02-Apr-2021
MVM516 BMS - Honours Project Portal Future Support Closed Close Andrew Millington 01-May-2019 12-Oct-2020
MVM149 Year 4 Outpatient Booking System Closed Close Andrew Millington 09-May-2022 02-Aug-2022
MVM152 BMS HHW & HHW2 upgrades Closed Close Andrew Millington 01-Sep-2022 31-Oct-2022
SEPFTP010 Team Finance Closed Close Emma Wright 06-Nov-2018 19-Sep-2019
SEPFTP012 Procurement Service In Progress Execute Emma Wright 18-Feb-2019
DTI052 Digital Strategy and Adoption in a Post Covid-19 World In Progress Execute Stephen Roy 11-May-2020 31-Dec-2022
DTI058 Digital Strategy Implementation Not Started Initiate Stephen Roy 01-Feb-2022 29-Jul-2022
DLIB010 Digital Library Services Resourcing Model In Progress Close Stephen Roy 27-Jun-2022 31-Dec-2022
DTI051 Zoom Enterprise Implementation Closed Close Stephen Roy 27-Apr-2020 30-Sep-2020