List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
BAY106 Support the development of new programmes and courses in Space & Satellites with the School of GeoSciences Closed Close Fraser Pullar 01-Aug-2019 31-Jul-2021
BAY103 Develop a Pilot executive education/CPD portfolio Closed Close Daniel Montgomery 01-Nov-2019 31-Jul-2022
BAY110 Continued course delivery, review of funding initiatives, new course delivery and increase to portfolio Closed Close Daniel Montgomery 01-Sep-2020 31-Jul-2021
P0343 PhD project on design decision-making for sustainability In Progress Execute Liz Cooper 09-Sep-2019
P0096 EXAMPLE - Building a shed In Progress Plan Rachel Weller 29-Jun-2020 14-Aug-2020
PMO001 Developing PMO Understanding of Journyx Closed Close Rachel Weller 02-Jun-2020 21-Sep-2020
PMO002 Project communications toolkit development Closed Close Lala Mirzayeva 08-Jun-2020 21-Aug-2020
LUC064 Culture Lab/Dig It Up In Progress Execute Daryl Green 14-Feb-2022 30-Jun-2022
LUC055 Adam Smith Library/EFI internships Closed Close Daryl Green 01-Mar-2021 01-Sep-2021
LUC063 Charles Lyell’s World Online In Progress Initiate Daryl Green 11-Jan-2021 31-Aug-2021
DLIB005 Procurement of DAMS (Digital Asset Management System) Closed Close Alex Ross 06-Apr-2020 07-May-2021
DLIB006 Library Databases and Licensed Content – User Discovery and Access analysis Closed Close Alex Ross 05-Jun-2020 15-Jan-2021
DLIB011 Automation of Digital Preservation Workflow for Digitisation Closed Close Alex Ross 13-Nov-2020 14-May-2021
LIB001 Student Course Load into Library System Alma Closed Close Alex Ross 13-Jan-2020 27-Nov-2020
DLIB003 Language Online - Dual Language for Collections Closed Close Alex Ross 06-Apr-2020 27-Nov-2020
SAC089 SITS Double software upgrade Closed Close Alan Donald 12-Oct-2021 10-Jun-2022
DLIB020 DAMS Migration Proof of Concept In Progress Execute Alan Donald 24-Mar-2022 16-Sep-2022
TTU020 Timetabling Service - Scientia Enterprise Timetabler Annual re-build & Rollforward Closed Close Alan Donald 04-Oct-2019 30-Oct-2020
TTU021 Timetabling - Scientia Exam Scheduler annual upgrade (minor upgrades each year) Closed Close Alan Donald 03-Apr-2020 20-Aug-2021
STU265 G-Cloud replacement of FOI Request planning tool Closed Close Alan Donald 22-Mar-2019 01-Jul-2022
DLIB016 Library Databases and Licenced Content Improvements In Progress Execute Alan Donald 28-Oct-2021 15-Sep-2022
TTU022 Teaching Timetable Rollforward for 21-22 Closed Close Alan Donald 14-Sep-2020 29-Oct-2021
TTU025 Timetabling Upgrade to V4 In Progress Initiate Alan Donald 01-Aug-2022 31-Jan-2023
TTU023 Timetabling Annual Roll-forward to 2022/23 In Progress Plan Alan Donald 03-Sep-2021 28-Oct-2022
USG016 Signal to PURE Application In Progress Execute Alan Donald 21-Aug-2020 15-Sep-2022