List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
HRP013 HR Helpline Closed Close Colm Hogan 23-Dec-2019 14-May-2021
SAC036 SITS Software Upgrade Closed Close Franck Bergeret 12-Aug-2014 05-Jun-2015
IDR301 Student Laptop Loan Scheme Expansion Closed Close Maurice Franceschi 03-Aug-2020 20-Aug-2021
SAC069 Jquery Library Upgrade Closed Close Gregory Carter 02-Apr-2018 11-Apr-2019
MOOC011 Stereo Photography Closed Close Stephen McEwan 05-Dec-2016 04-May-2017
ISI039 Visualising the curriculum Closed Close Scott Renton 15-Oct-2018 31-Jul-2019
AV2691 MVM - Roslin Auditorium & Meeting Rooms Closed Close Anthony Davie 01-Mar-2017 14-Sep-2018
RSS014 IGMM DataStore capacity expansion Closed Close Kevin Tomlinson 14-Dec-2015 29-Jul-2016
AV2944 CMB Meeting Room 2 and 4 Upgrade Closed Close David Whitaker 24-Jan-2022 31-May-2022
AV2835 Medical Quad 1.9 AV Upgrade Closed Close Stephen Dishon 29-Mar-2019 30-Aug-2019
SAC002 Key Information Sets Closed Close Duncan Scott 12-Mar-2012 12-Aug-2013
COM027 Enterprise API Foundation (COM027) Closed Close Chris Copner 09-May-2016 01-Jun-2017
TTU003 Timetabling Annual Roll-Forward to 14/15 Closed Close David Watters 13-Sep-2013 12-Sep-2014
EDIP0011 Noteable Closed Deliver Anne Robertson 01-Aug-2017 29-May-2020
AV2751 WGH-IGMM - Supply & Install BYOD Closed Close Eddy O'Hare 14-Dec-2017 01-Feb-2018
BAY207 Bayes support / lead large multidisciplinary bids/ industry projects Closed Close Lee Wilson 01-Jan-2020 10-Jun-2021
TEL023 Next Generation Personal Response System Implementation Closed Close Maurice Franceschi 09-Feb-2015 11-Sep-2015
AV2790 LF-Queen's Medical Research Institute-Development Imaging Technology Project (QMRI-DITP) Closed Close John Power 01-Jan-2019 28-Feb-2019
MOOC023 Philosophy Science and Religion Part 3 Closed Close Stephen McEwan 17-Jan-2017
LCI010 Teaching Wall for Object Based Learning in the CRC Closed Close Francesca Baseby 20-Jan-2016 03-Dec-2015
P0075 Media Programme Closed Close Maurice Franceschi 20-Sep-2012 05-Jan-2017
AV2705 KB-Sanderson Boardroom Closed Close Stephen Dishon 30-Mar-2017 28-Sep-2017
TEL025 Moodle Course Enrolment Management Closed Close Karen Stirling 20-Jul-2015 02-Sep-2016
UWP005 Polopoly: CMS Usage Information Closed Close Tim Gray 29-May-2013
UWP019 Deliver Talks@Ed as a University-wide Service Closed Close Sonali Nakhate 17-Nov-2017 20-Apr-2018