List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
MVM024 Integration and adoption of ISFM Closed Close Muriel Mewissen 28-Oct-2015 13-Jan-2017
LTI001 A comparative study between a low-cost capture agent and mobile devices Closed Close Marc Jennings 08-Feb-2016
STU241 New Careers System Options Evaluation Closed Close David Watters 02-May-2014 16-Jun-2014
CSG013 Fire Management System Closed Close Lee-Ann Simpson 06-Nov-2017 13-Jul-2018
DCCEOSCLand EOSC Secretariat Landscape Review Closed Close Kevin Ashley 08-Apr-2020 06-May-2021
CIS008 Network Security Controls Closed Close Karen Wilson 18-Nov-2016 07-Aug-2019
SAC068 June Graduations Improvements Closed Close Kirstie Roseweir 05-Mar-2018 05-Apr-2019
SAC029 Implement Tribal FAQ System Closed Close Ruth McCallum 06-Jan-2014 14-Nov-2014
RIS018 Worktribe Upgrade v2021.1 Closed Close Anne Mathison 01-Apr-2021 17-Jun-2021
EST103 Estates EPPM Implementation Closed Close Derrick Matheson 13-Jun-2017 31-Jul-2020
TEL060 Learn Upgrade Closed Close Sonali Nakhate 04-Mar-2019 09-Aug-2019
ISI002 PlayFair Steps’ Equality Intern Closed Close Melissa Highton 02-Feb-2016 01-Dec-2016
AV2829 KB - Ashworth LT3 Closed Close Euan Thomson 01-Apr-2019 30-Aug-2019
COM023 Enhancements to Visitor Registration System (including CF Upgrade) Closed Close Sue Woodger 23-Nov-2015 29-Jul-2016
ITS099 EUPS Database Upgrade Closed Close Stephen Conlon 01-May-2012 06-Aug-2013
INF152 Coldfusion Upgrades CF11 Closed Execute Sue Woodger 02-Sep-2019 30-Jul-2021
DTP003 Windows 10 Research and Configuration Closed Close Jon March 29-Feb-2016 11-Oct-2017
HAS001 COSHH Health Records Closed Close Richard Bailey 12-Oct-2016 08-Dec-2017
AV2735 Dalhousie Land - City Deal Rooms Closed Close Stephen Dishon 05-Dec-2017 30-Mar-2018
WPS005 Annual EdWeb Upgrade Closed Close Chris Konczak 31-Aug-2020 12-Feb-2021
BAY102 Development of a data ethics MOOC in 19/20 for delivery in semester 2 in 19/20 Closed Deliver Fraser Pullar 02-Sep-2019 31-Jul-2020
RSS019 DataStore Refactor and Server Refresh Closed Close Andy Todd 27-Feb-2017 05-Dec-2017
HSS023 Student Voice Closed Close Ken Miller 14-May-2018 29-Mar-2019
TEL020 TREE (Technology Resources for Educational Enhancement) Phase 2 Closed Close Susan Greig 09-Sep-2014 17-Aug-2015
IoT001 Argyle House IoT pilot Closed Close Steve Taylor 01-Feb-2017 02-Oct-2019