List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
SAS010 Programme and Course Information Management (PCIM) Suspended Initiate Ruth Wilson 09-Feb-2018
SRSCE-M Community Engagement Partnerships and Activities Mapping Suspended Deliver Sarah Anderson 01-Aug-2017
SRSCE-C Co-Curricular Pathways Suspended Close Matthew Lawson 01-Aug-2017
IDR601 Streamlined Workspace Discovery Suspended Execute Chris Walker 24-Nov-2023 01-Aug-2024
EDIP0195 LitLong Suspended Deliver Andrew Horne 24-May-2019 31-Jul-2022
AV3018 TAP23 - ECA Rooms Suspended Integrate Stephen Dishon 01-Jul-2023 31-Dec-2024
MVM305 Flexible Server hosting Suspended Initiate Doug Redpath 21-Apr-2017
SRSCE-S Community Access to Rooms Suspended Deliver Sarah Anderson 02-Feb-2018
OCP009 How to Teach an Online Course - New MOOC Suspended Close Ellen Groen 11-Jul-2023 28-Jun-2024
USI004 Improving the student experience using Eddystone beacons Suspended Close Gavin Willshaw 02-Feb-2016
RSS410 Interfaces to digital services Suspended Plan Chris Walker 02-Dec-2024 08-Jan-2025
SRP005 Internal Benchmarking Suspended Close Matthew Lawson 03-Nov-2017
EEC2 EEC2 Energy Coordinator Network Support Suspended Close Aisling O'Reilly 01-Aug-2017 31-Jul-2021
USD033 Cloud Printing Implementation Phase Suspended Plan Lynn Kelly 15-Jan-2024 28-Jun-2024
RSS502 Immutable storage Suspended Build Chris Walker 14-Sep-2022 03-Mar-2025
SAS022 SA&S Structure and Ways of Working Suspended Plan Alistair Wallace 03-Feb-2020
AV2961 LST - AV Procurement Framework Suspended Execute Euan Murray 25-Apr-2022 31-Dec-2023
SAS007 Policy Review Suspended Execute Samantha Rice 01-May-2017
AV3072 MVM24 - Teviot East West Labs 452 453 Not Started Initiate David Whitaker 01-Jun-2024 31-Jul-2024
P0347 Transition resources Not Started Initiate Donna Murray 08-Apr-2021
TEL086 Upgrade Project Not Started Plan Mark Findlay 02-Mar-2022
P0235 Demo Not Started Initiate Dawn Holmes 28-Apr-2016
LUC073 Digital Collections Platform Implementation Not Started Initiate Scott Renton 29-Jan-2024
AV3040 Appleton Tower AV Reinstatement Not Started Initiate Richard Leslie 01-Aug-2024 31-Dec-2024
CSG018 IRM Onboarding - Business School Industry Activity Not Started Plan Andrew Stewart 04-Feb-2022