List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
SAC034 Assessment & Progression in SITS Closed Close Chris Giles 12-Aug-2014 21-Apr-2017
AV2844 Bayes Lecture Recording Closed Close Euan Thomson 01-Jul-2019 30-Aug-2019
TTU015 Course Timetable Browser Upgrade Closed Close Nicholas Graham 10-Jul-2017 09-Mar-2018
API017 Edinburgh Cityscope Foundations Closed Close Morna Findlay 23-Nov-2015 04-Aug-2017
UWP016 Implementation of procured University search service Closed Close Emma Mcnab 01-Jun-2017 25-Jan-2019
VLE005 Learn Ultra: Communications and Engagement Not Started Initiate Lee-Ann Simpson 04-Apr-2022
VLE002 Learn Ultra: Technical Not Started Initiate Lee-Ann Simpson 04-Apr-2022
VLE004 Learn Ultra: Training and Support Not Started Initiate Lee-Ann Simpson 04-Apr-2022
VLE001 Learn Ultra: Ultra Base Navigation In Progress Execute Lee-Ann Simpson 28-Mar-2022 28-Jul-2022
ENT004 Load Balancer Procurement Closed Close Graeme Wood 11-Jan-2016 06-Jul-2016
MVM131 Migration of 12 applications developed in Biomedical Sciences to central support - Analysis & Strategy Closed Close Geoff Cropley 10-Dec-2018 12-Apr-2019
SAC053 Student Disability Systems replacement Closed Close Andrew Crossland 04-Apr-2016 15-Jun-2018
P0289 "A Live Pulse": YikYak for understanding teaching, learning and assessment at Edinburgh Closed Close Nicola Osborne 01-Sep-2016 30-Sep-2017
API001 "Ask" Projects Closed Close Kevin Brogan 01-Nov-2015 07-Jan-2016
P0275 "The Student" Newspaper Digitisation Project Closed Close Gavin Willshaw 01-Oct-2016 12-Jan-2018
ISI014 'Pioneering Research Data' Exhibition In Progress Execute Stuart Macdonald 02-Feb-2016
SAC006 12/13 Statutory Returns revisions Closed Close Anne Mathison 24-Aug-2012 11-Nov-2013
AV2699 13 Infirmary Street - LCD Screens Closed Close Guy Tittley 01-Mar-2017 29-Sep-2017
SRS-SOC 13.2 + 13.3 Newsletter and Social Media - Expansion In Progress Deliver Sarah Ford-Hutchinson 01-Sep-2014
SRS-Web-1718 13.4 SRS Website Improvements In Progress Execute Sarah Ford-Hutchinson 01-Nov-2017
Ce3 13.5 CRM review and future CRM approach for SRS Department In Progress Procure Sarah Ford-Hutchinson 01-Feb-2019
SRS-SCF2 13.8 Development of a new Sustainable Campus Fund application tool on MySRS Closed Close Aaron McHale 01-Sep-2017 31-Jan-2020
INF122 16-17 Infrastructure Rationalisation Closed Close David Watters 09-Aug-2016 05-May-2017
INF123 16-17 Provisioning of Python environment Closed Close Chris Orrell 27-Sep-2016 03-Nov-2017
CIS007 2016 Clearing Closed Close Iain Moore-McLaughlin 04-Jul-2016 31-Aug-2017