List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
MVM112 Technology to support simulation teaching Closed Close Alan Gilchrist 11-Sep-2017 30-Sep-2020
MVM113 Technology to support student portfolios Withdrawn Initiate Alan Gilchrist 02-Dec-2019 03-Jun-2020
MVM115 Technology to support TransNational Education (TNE) Closed Close Paul De'Ath 23-Jan-2017 01-Jun-2018
TEL061 (AP89-915) TEL Improvements Withdrawn Close Colin Watt 11-Jan-2019 14-Jun-2019
TEL039 TEL039 WebPA Migration Closed Close Sue Woodger 13-Jun-2016 03-Feb-2017
TEL021 TELS Management Information Closed Close David Watters 15-Jan-2015 07-Dec-2015
TEL092 TELS Service - Five Year Plan In Progress Plan Fiona Hale 20-Aug-2014 20-Aug-2014
TEL093 TELS Service - Five Year Plan Closed Close Maurice Franceschi 26-Aug-2014 05-Jan-2017
MVM007 Template research administration documentation set Closed Close Maurice Franceschi 05-Jun-2015 22-Jul-2016
SEPTEST001 Test Project for SEP Not Started Initiate Sally Priestley 14-Sep-2018
AV3005 Teviot Anatomy Teaching Lab 265 Closed Close David Whitaker 16-Jan-2023 31-Jul-2023
AV3053 Teviot Archaeology Labs In Progress Design David Whitaker 01-Apr-2024 30-Sep-2024
AV2819 Teviot Lecture Theatre Closed Close Guy Tittley 01-Apr-2019 31-Aug-2019
AV2984 Teviot Row House Project (TRHP) - Stage 2 Withdrawn Analyse John Power 01-Jan-2024 31-Dec-2026
ISI036 Text and Data Mining Platform Closed Close Adam Rusbridge 01-Jan-2018 26-Nov-2018
USG012 ThankQ Infrastructure Upgrade Closed Close Muriel Mewissen 31-Aug-2018 21-Feb-2020
LUC066 The Archive of Tomorrow: Health Information and Misinformation in the UK Web Archive Closed Close Sara Thomson 07-Feb-2022 03-Apr-2023
LCI038 The Common Sense - Edinburgh Art Festival 2018 Exhibition In Progress Plan Liv Laumenech 29-Mar-2018 08-Sep-2018
BAY409 The development of new propositions for cost recovery through philanthropy, grants and related opportunities Not Started Close Neil McGillivray 27-Feb-2020 31-Jul-2021
P0267 The EEMeC Administration Migration Project Closed Close Karen McPhail 01-Nov-2016 30-Apr-2018
P0268 The EEMeC Content Migration Project Withdrawn Close Annie Heaney 25-Sep-2017 21-Feb-2018
P0264 The eeSurg VLE Migration Project Closed Close Karen McPhail 28-Nov-2016 13-Nov-2018
P0265 The ESSQ ChM VLEs Migration Project Closed Close Karen McPhail 18-Sep-2017 13-Nov-2018
LUC028 The European Ethnological Research Centre - Cataloguing and Resource Discovery In Progress Execute Lesley Bryson 11-Sep-2018 01-Aug-2023
SRP006 THE Impact Rankings In Progress Deliver Matthew Lawson 05-Nov-2019