List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
CCB004 Social Media (ISG Comms and Branding) In Progress Initiate Nicola Osborne 03-Feb-2017
DTP023 Deployment of Windows 10 To Locally Managed Devices Withdrawn Initiate Maurice Franceschi 23-Aug-2021 23-Aug-2021
EST130 Estates CAFM Implementation Withdrawn Initiate Marjory Howarth 02-Aug-2021 11-Oct-2021
P0269 Ox-Chains Not Started Initiate Jane MacDonald 07-Sep-2016
PPP011 Oracle Database Patching for Continued Support for HR & Payroll Withdrawn Initiate Nikki Stuart 01-May-2017
EST135 Perspective Upgrade Not Started Initiate Rod Hanchard-Goodwin 01-Feb-2022 01-Jun-2022
P0240 PGCert Informatics Not Started Initiate Amy Woodgate 30-Jun-2016
RSS401 GPU refresh In Progress Initiate Lawrence Stevenson 21-Oct-2021 30-Jun-2022
ENT032 Mailing Lists Withdrawn Initiate Maurice Franceschi 05-Mar-2018 26-Jan-2018
INI008 Scientific Visualisation Withdrawn Initiate Kenton D'Mellow 02-Feb-2016 30-Jun-2016
LUC051 Art Fund New Collecting Award In Progress Initiate Julie-Ann Delaney 21-Jan-2021 28-Jan-2022
DLIB010 Digital Library Target Operating Model Not Started Initiate Karen Stirling 03-Sep-2021 30-Apr-2022
P0320 Document Management System Planning Closed Initiate Pedro Schulze Navarrete 09-Jul-2018
DTP018 Software Asset Management Deployment to Service Withdrawn Initiate Maurice Franceschi 01-Jul-2019
INF165 Annual Maria DB Upgrade Not Started Initiate David Watters 07-Feb-2022 08-Jul-2022
SAS010 Programme and Course Information Management (PCIM) Suspended Initiate Ruth Wilson 09-Feb-2018
MVM305 Flexible Server hosting Suspended Initiate Anthony Davie 21-Apr-2017
EST136 Contact Database for Estates Help Desk Not Started Initiate Rod Hanchard-Goodwin 02-May-2022 01-Jul-2022
AV2929 SBS Lecture Recording Suspended Initiate Stephen Dishon 01-Oct-2021 31-Dec-2021
P0241 Sit Less, Get Active Not Started Initiate Amy Woodgate 18-Oct-2015
HRS093 HR Events Booking Enhancements Withdrawn Initiate Michael McMonagle 13-Mar-2017
RSS402 Infrastructure Refresh 21/22 In Progress Initiate Lawrence Stevenson 21-Oct-2021 29-Jul-2022
ENT033 Mail Relays Data Management Withdrawn Initiate Ross Marrins 03-May-2018 09-May-2018
P0330 Library selfcheck equipment replacement phase 1 Not Started Initiate Barry Croucher 11-Jun-2019
DLAS016 DLAS Learner and Student Communications Withdrawn Initiate Lauren Johnston-Smith 01-Feb-2021 05-Jul-2021