List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
ACS041 KX Infrastructure Upgrades Closed Close Andrew Stewart 29-Aug-2018 28-Jun-2019
MVM022 Business Intelligence reporting review Closed Close Jim Nisbet 09-Oct-2015 05-Jul-2016
FIN129 PCI DSS Audit Closed Close Kevin Hone 11-Mar-2019 30-Aug-2019
UWS005 Alternative Search Engine Investigation Closed Close Craig Middlemass 23-Jul-2012 08-May-2013
ISG005 Monitoring IT and Library Business Service Readiness For Start of Term 2017/18 (ISG005) Closed Close Colin Watt 22-May-2017 03-Nov-2017
SAC054 Widening Participation Contextual Admissions Checker Closed Close Shirley McCulloch 24-Jun-2016 14-Dec-2016
TTU021 Timetabling - Scientia Exam Scheduler annual upgrade (minor upgrades each year) Closed Close Alan Donald 03-Apr-2020 20-Aug-2021
ECA007 eReserve for ECA Portal Closed Close Craig Middlemass 20-May-2013 25-Jul-2014
FIN123 Annual Finance Document Revitalisation 17/18 Closed Close Lee-Ann Simpson 06-Sep-2018 18-Jan-2019
MVM525 Procurement of a Vendor Neutral Archiving (VNA) System for the Vet School Closed Close Andrew Stewart 01-Dec-2016 15-Mar-2019
COM026 Wiki Upgrade Closed Close Tim Gray 02-Feb-2016
SCE017 Deployment of Open Computer and Software Inventory Closed Close Alan Donald 27-Jan-2020 17-Sep-2021
INF107 Environment Monitoring System - Assessment Closed Close Maurice Franceschi 11-Aug-2014 03-Jul-2015
LUC027 St Andrews Thesis Digitisation Closed Close Gavin Willshaw 25-Apr-2018 01-Nov-2018
LUC003 SDLC Voyager Service migration Closed Close Alex Forrest 16-Jan-2016 01-Aug-2017
EDIC0016 GOFCOE PM Consulting Closed Close Emily Elliott 04-Mar-2021 27-Oct-2021
LCI043 Undergraduate Data Management Skills Training Closed Close Bob Sanders 01-Oct-2018 31-Dec-2019
RES069 Pure Upgrade to new Project Model Closed Close Karen Stirling 21-Aug-2017 20-May-2019
LTI018 EdWeb Distribution usage tracking Closed Close Stratos Filalithis 24-Feb-2016
ISG017 IT and Library Business Service Readiness for Start of Term 2019/20 Closed Close Tim Gray 09-Apr-2019 13-Dec-2019
P0129 IS Applications Three Year Rolling Planning 2014-2017 Closed Close Mark Ritchie 11-Oct-2013
MVM315 REACH Closed Close James Thin 28-Jul-2017 21-Dec-2018
RES063 Research Information Management - Small Enhancements Closed Close Karen Stirling 22-Aug-2016 06-Apr-2018
HAS008 eOPAS Upgrade Closed Close Andrew Stewart 20-Sep-2019 31-Mar-2021
SAC024 SITS Upgrade Closed Close Franck Bergeret 20-Aug-2013 11-Jul-2014