List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
AV2715 57 High School Yards - Teaching Rooms Closed Close Stephen Dishon 01-Sep-2017 14-Sep-2018
AV2884 59 George Square G.09 Closed Close Guy Tittley 13-Feb-2020 10-Sep-2021
FTP011 6.9 Fairness in trade and sustainable procurement comms In Progress Execute Sarah Ford-Hutchinson 12-Jul-2017
AV2730 7 Bristo Sq LT1 - AV 2018 Closed Close David Whitaker 08-Nov-2017 07-Sep-2018
AV2720 7-8 Chamber Street AV Closed Close Stephen Dishon 21-Sep-2017 31-Jan-2019
LUC046 70th Anniversary of the School of Scottish Studies Archives In Progress Initiate Rachel Hosker 25-Jan-2021 23-Dec-2021
LTI001 A comparative study between a low-cost capture agent and mobile devices Closed Close Marc Jennings 08-Feb-2016
BAY502 A Policy and Strategy tool for 20-minute neighbourhoods in the Edinburgh City-Region In Progress Execute Rachel Summers 01-Nov-2020
FIN100 ABS Systems Patching for Java 7 Closed Close Ben Armstrong 18-Aug-2014
TEL050 Academic Blogging Service Closed Close Sonali Nakhate 04-Dec-2017 18-Oct-2019
TEL066 Academic Blogging Service LTI enhancements Closed Close James Slack 12-Nov-2019
TEL067 Academic Blogging upgrade 2020 Closed Close Karen Beggs 03-Apr-2020 24-Jul-2020
P0148 Academic fair 2014 Closed Close Jenni murray 13-May-2014 05-Jan-2017
HSS016 Academic Workload Modelling Pilot Closed Close Muriel Mewissen 15-Aug-2016 06-Oct-2017
DTI002 Accelerated Software Testing Procurement and Implementation (DTI002) Closed Close David Watters 16-Jan-2017 04-Aug-2017
CIS003 Access Control Door Infrastructure Upgrade - Procure and Install Closed Close Karen Wilson 03-Apr-2017 07-Aug-2019
CIS201 Access Control Door – Continuing Work Suspended Plan Morna Findlay 03-Feb-2020 27-Jun-2022
DLIB007 Access to All: GLAM Data and API Service In Progress Execute Karen Stirling 01-Apr-2021 23-Dec-2022
COM065 Accessibility - Remediation Not Started Initiate David Watters 04-Oct-2021 18-Feb-2022
MVM145 Accessibility for MVMLAT applications In Progress Execute Karen Howie 17-Dec-2020
COM056 Accessibility Statements Closed Close Sue Woodger 03-Feb-2020 16-Oct-2020
CSG002 Accident & Incident Reporting Closed Close Karen Stirling 10-Sep-2013 20-Jun-2014
ACS032 Accommodation Services Website Hosting Withdrawn Initiate Andrew Stewart 11-Sep-2013 29-Nov-2013
USD020 Account Ageing Closed Close Abdul Majothi 03-Jul-2014 27-Sep-2014
RSS053 Accounting and Monitoring into Operation Closed Close Peter Sanderson 13-Aug-2018 31-Aug-2020