List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
UWP020 EdWeb Events Enhancements Closed Close Tim Gray 08-Sep-2017 20-Apr-2018
UWP019 Deliver Talks@Ed as a University-wide Service Closed Close Sonali Nakhate 17-Nov-2017 20-Apr-2018
UWP018 Implement TLS for EdWeb Closed Close David Gibbons 04-Sep-2017 27-Oct-2017
UWP017 Drupal 8 Implementation Planning Closed Close Tim Gray 08-Aug-2017 11-Jan-2019
UWP016 Implementation of procured University search service Closed Close Emma Mcnab 01-Jun-2017 25-Jan-2019
UWP015 EdWeb Collaboration Pilot and Feature Development Closed Close Tim Gray 30-Sep-2016
UWP014 New University Search Engine: Requirements Gathering and Procurement Closed Close Emma Mcnab 04-Aug-2016 22-Sep-2017
UWP012 EdWeb Collaboration and Development Framework Closed Close Chris Copner 14-Jul-2016 14-Sep-2016
UWP011 EdWeb Additional Requirements Closed Close Tim Gray 11-Nov-2015
UWP010 Content Migration to EdWeb Closed Close Karen Stirling 25-Aug-2014 06-May-2016
UWP009 Migration Preparation of Current Content and Data Structures Closed Close Colin Forrest 22-Nov-2013 29-Sep-2014
UWP008 Polopoly Database Upgrade Withdrawn Close Stephen Conlon 03-Oct-2013 04-Mar-2014
UWP007 Polopoly Database Upgrade to 11g and Web Server Replacement Closed Close Tim Gray 06-Sep-2013 27-Jun-2014
UWP006 New University-wide Web CMS Closed Close Tim Gray 31-Jul-2013 22-Jan-2016
UWP005 Polopoly: CMS Usage Information Closed Close Tim Gray 29-May-2013
UWP003 Polopoly: Graphic Design Refresh Closed Close Tim Gray 01-Apr-2013 13-Sep-2013
USI018 PC Availability App Closed Close Andrew Millington 21-Jan-2019 05-Jul-2019
USI017 Card Services: Feasibility study of door access function via smartphone Closed Close Paul Gorman 10-Oct-2018 30-Jun-2019
USI016 Card Services: Feasibility study of providing student identity on smartphone Closed Close Barry Croucher 10-Oct-2018 30-Jun-2019
USI015 Pushed Content Closed Close Jens Brincker 15-Jan-2018 28-Feb-2019
USI014 EDUROAM Connection App Closed Close Rad Sargeant 31-Oct-2017 30-Sep-2018
USI013 AI and Chatbots for Customer Support Closed Close Neil Bruce 13-Nov-2017 30-Apr-2018
USI012 Selfies, Snapchat, Student Cards Closed Close Karen Bonthron 21-Nov-2017 28-Feb-2018
USI011 Study Space Occupancy in the Main Library Closed Close Barry Croucher 08-Nov-2016 31-Jul-2017
USI010 managePrint Feature Enhancements Closed Close Robert O'Malley 09-Jan-2017 31-Jul-2017