List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
SMI002 TOPDesk Upgrade to v 5 Closed Close Sue Woodger 04-Oct-2012 18-Oct-2013
SSG005 ESS Meetings in Calendar Closed Close Sheila Fraser 04-Oct-2012 18-Apr-2013
EST072 Energy Recording Systems Upgrade Closed Close Anne Mathison 11-Oct-2012 04-Jun-2013
RES043 PURE HR Changes for REF Closed Close Jill Nicoll 15-Oct-2012 15-Feb-2013
P0109 Relocation Support Service Closed Close Anna Edgar 20-Oct-2012
TEL003 Extension of SMART to HSS with Enhancements Closed Close Maurice Franceschi 22-Oct-2012 09-Aug-2013
HRS071 HR HESA Staff Return 12/13 Closed Close Nikki Stuart 24-Oct-2012 06-Dec-2013
HRS072 Oracle HR & Payroll Annual Maintenance 12/13 Closed Close Anne Mathison 24-Oct-2012 11-Nov-2013
SAC016 SACS Programme Project Closed Close Franck Bergeret 29-Oct-2012 11-Jan-2017
EST073 Security Incident Tracking System Closed Close Andrew Stewart 05-Nov-2012 02-Aug-2013
SSG007 ESS Small Group Functions Closed Close Franck Bergeret 05-Nov-2012 20-Jun-2013
SAC003 - E3 E3 - Changes to Fee Algorithm Closed Close Ruth McCallum 07-Nov-2012 04-Apr-2013
SSG006 ESS Photos (for students) Closed Close Laura Bell 12-Nov-2012 15-May-2013
COM004 IDM Ageing Closed Close Stephen Conlon 12-Nov-2012 22-Feb-2013
ACS031 Resilient Web applications tier for Kx infrastructure Closed Close Iain Dobson 12-Nov-2012 02-Apr-2014
TEL004 Moodle Upgrade 2013 Closed Close Laura Bell 29-Nov-2012 01-Aug-2013
TEL001 PebblePad Upgrade 2013 Closed Close Laura Bell 29-Nov-2012 01-Aug-2013
P0088 New ECA website Closed Close Sharon Pringle 30-Nov-2012 05-Jan-2017
COM005 IDM Prioritised Fixes Closed Close Karen Stirling 04-Dec-2012 12-Jul-2013
ECA006 ECA Exam Board Enhancements Closed Close Craig Middlemass 17-Dec-2012 29-Jul-2013
ITS101 SAN Migration Closed Close Karen Stirling 03-Jan-2013 29-Nov-2013
STU230 Timetabling Bookable Rooms Website Replacement Closed Close David Watters 03-Jan-2013 09-May-2014
STU226 - WP3 Timetabling: XML Data Feed for Schools Closed Close David Watters 04-Jan-2013 27-Feb-2014
STU226 - WP2 Timetabling: Feed to Learn VLE Closed Close Alex Wood 04-Jan-2013 21-Apr-2014
STU226 - WP1 Timetabling: MyEd Personalised Web Timetables Closed Close Alex Wood 04-Jan-2013 14-Jan-2014