List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
RIS029 Information Governance: Systems & Integration Closed Close Karen Stirling 06-Oct-2022 31-Mar-2023
SAC093 SITS Double Software Upgrade 2023 In Progress Deliver Alan Donald 01-Oct-2022 18-May-2023
AV2988 Daniel Rutherford B06 & B07 In Progress Build Euan Thomson 01-Oct-2022 30-Sep-2023
WPS015 Portal Services Upgrade and Continuous Improvements In Progress Plan Tim Gray 29-Sep-2022 28-Jul-2023
RIS024 Worktribe Upgrades v2022.7 and v2023.1 Closed Close Chris Konczak 22-Sep-2022 27-Apr-2023
MVM532 University card access control for laboratory equipment Withdrawn Close Muriel Mewissen 19-Sep-2022 03-Feb-2023
MVM153 Upgrading of student computer labs, teaching and meeting room PCs 2022/23 In Progress Execute Alan Gilchrist 16-Sep-2022 01-Sep-2023
MVM154 Upgrading of teaching spaces 2022/23 In Progress Execute Alan Gilchrist 16-Sep-2022 29-Sep-2023
RSS503 ACF Services Relocation - Appraisal and Costed Options Closed Close Chris Walker 14-Sep-2022 31-Jan-2023
ENT401 Enterprise Infrastructure Migrations and Infrastructure Upgrade Completion In Progress Execute Maurice Franceschi 12-Sep-2022 31-Oct-2023
OCP006 Digital Badges - Implementation In Progress Execute Ellen Groen 05-Sep-2022 28-Apr-2023
MVM152 BMS HHW & HHW2 upgrades Closed Close Andrew Millington 01-Sep-2022 31-Oct-2022
AV2986 Easter Bush 1.21 AV work Closed Close Richard Leslie 01-Sep-2022 30-Sep-2023
AV2987 Dalhousie Land HR Meeting Room In Progress Integrate Stephen Dishon 01-Sep-2022 31-Jul-2023
LUC065 DSpace 7 Upgrades In Progress Execute Chris Walker 01-Sep-2022 10-Jan-2024
RSS410 Interfaces to digital services Suspended Plan Chris Walker 15-Aug-2022 28-Jul-2023
RSS501 DataStore Fibre Channel Replacement Closed Close Lawrence Stevenson 09-Aug-2022 24-Feb-2023
MVM535 Marketing Performance and Analytics Framework Closed Close Africa Reboto-Lopez 05-Aug-2022 28-Feb-2023
EST136 Contact Database for Estates Help Desk Closed Close Alistair Campbell 04-Aug-2022 19-Oct-2022
DLIB019 Vernon Procurement Review Withdrawn Close Karen Stirling 04-Aug-2022 28-Feb-2023
RSS413 Improving access mechanisms to compute and data Suspended Plan Chris Walker 01-Aug-2022 28-Jul-2023
AV2960 General Microsoft Teams Room Withdrawn Initiate Stephen Dishon 01-Aug-2022 31-Jul-2023
AV2962 APUC - AV Procurement Framework Closed Close Euan Murray 01-Aug-2022 16-Dec-2022
TTU025 Timetabling Upgrade to V4 In Progress Plan Alan Donald 01-Aug-2022 16-May-2023
RSS411 Interoperation with EIDF architecture and service design Suspended Plan Chris Walker 01-Aug-2022 28-Jul-2023