List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
SCP010 Short Courses Platform: COL VLE Early Adopters In Progress Execute Ellen Groen 03-Jul-2023 29-Mar-2024
OCP008 Marine Nitrogen - New MOOC Closed Close Marcello Crolla 03-Jul-2023 26-Apr-2024
AV3018 TAP23 - ECA Rooms Suspended Integrate Stephen Dishon 01-Jul-2023 31-Dec-2024
AV3019 Old College Level 1 - MTR In Progress Integrate Stephen Dishon 01-Jul-2023 31-Dec-2023
AV3030 John McIntyre Conference Centre Project (JMCCP) In Progress Build John Power 01-Jul-2023 29-Feb-2024
AV3031 Old College B28 Meeting room Closed Close Richard Leslie 01-Jul-2023 30-Sep-2023
P0355 xxx Not Started Initiate Danny Pilkington 29-Jun-2023
PMO014 Welcome to IS Apps SharePoint site In Progress Execute Danielle Silva 19-Jun-2023 31-Aug-2023
INF171 ColdFusion Server 2023 Upgrade In Progress Execute Joe Cowan 12-Jun-2023 08-Apr-2024
PMO013 Comms Toolkit for New Project Managers Closed Close Fern Harrison 09-Jun-2023 09-Aug-2023
DST501 Microsoft Office 2021 Upgrade In Progress Execute Maurice Franceschi 08-Jun-2023 26-Jul-2024
PMO012 PMO Project Assurance Service Definition Closed Close Anna Dougan 07-Jun-2023 10-Aug-2023
PMO011 Project Management Templates Toolkit Closed Close Rachel Hogg 07-Jun-2023 08-Aug-2023
AV3029 1 Morgan Lane Suspended Analyse Richard Leslie 01-Jun-2023 31-Jul-2023
PMO015 Apps Intranet Not Started Initiate Rebekah Day 01-Jun-2023
AV3009 Physics Teaching Labs 2023 Suspended Build Stephen Carter 01-Jun-2023 31-Dec-2023
AV2989 SoEngineering Lite Touch Withdrawn Initiate Richard Leslie 01-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023
RIS031 Amendment to HR Atom Feed to Worktribe In Progress Execute Karen Stirling 01-Jun-2023 14-Dec-2023
AV3028 Dalhousie Land MTR Upgrade Closed Close Stephen Dishon 01-Jun-2023 31-Jul-2023
USG024 Student Recruitment and Admission CRM Integration In Progress Plan Alan Donald 25-May-2023 30-Nov-2023
SCP002 Short Courses Platform: Learner Research and UX Recommendations Closed Close Ellen Groen 19-May-2023 02-Oct-2023
RIS030 PureINT move to xml integrations In Progress Execute Karen Stirling 11-May-2023 27-Oct-2023
LUC070 Research Data Service Systems BAU Not Started Initiate Chris Walker 09-May-2023
USD028 Card Replacement Implementation In Progress Execute Colin Watt 08-May-2023 21-Jun-2024
SAC096 UCAS Import Link Upgrade In Progress Close Franck Bergeret 02-May-2023 07-Nov-2023