List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
SAS010 Programme and Course Information Management (PCIM) Suspended Initiate Ruth Wilson 09-Feb-2018
LUC035 Speaking Out Not Started Initiate Louise Williams 01-Nov-2021 01-Nov-2022
COR004c P&M – Data Migration – Finance Ops In Progress Initiate Ben Armstrong 25-Apr-2022
P0338 New approach to student number planning and tuition fee income forecasting Not Started Initiate Helen Stocks 01-Sep-2019
P0178 Annual Review Not Started Initiate Maureen Munro 04-Dec-2014
USG009 USG Business Support Withdrawn Initiate Sheila Fraser 16-Apr-2018
P0352 HDS Recruitment Not Started Initiate Sue Woodger 01-Jun-2022
DTI058 Digital Strategy Implementation Not Started Initiate Stephen Roy 01-Feb-2022 29-Jul-2022
luc048 University Stories: Exploring the narratives in the University Archive and Collections In Progress Initiate Rachel Hosker 25-Jan-2021 29-Jul-2022
COM058 Qlik-Sense and Qlikview Annual Upgrade Withdrawn Initiate David Watters 01-Jun-2021
ENT039 Decommissioning of Services and Hardware Withdrawn Initiate Maurice Franceschi 07-Jan-2019
DLIB017 Collections@Ed Website Implementation Not Started Initiate Karen Stirling 01-Jun-2022 31-Aug-2023
VLE004 Learn Ultra: Training and Support Not Started Initiate Lee-Ann Simpson 04-Apr-2022
DTP021 Deploy MDM Service Withdrawn Initiate Maurice Franceschi 01-Jul-2019
EI001 IRM Phase 4 - IP Management platform migration In Progress Initiate David Montreuil 04-Feb-2020 31-Jul-2020
RSS204 WITHDRAWN - On-ramps for Researchers Withdrawn Initiate Peter Sanderson 03-Feb-2020 03-Jul-2020
LUC036 Speaking Out: public engagement Not Started Initiate Louise Williams 10-Dec-2020 23-Dec-2021
CW Carmichael Watson Suspended Initiate Kirsty Stewart 01-Jul-2009
TEL054 AP78-060 TEL Improvements Withdrawn Initiate Colin Watt 08-Jan-2018
P0353 HDS Recruitment Not Started Initiate Sue Woodger 01-Jun-2022
DTI012 User Centred Portal Proof of Concept Withdrawn Initiate Marissa Cummings 01-Jan-2018 13-Oct-2017
LUC049 Leventis Conservation of MS224 In Progress Initiate Rachel Hosker 25-Jan-2021 23-Dec-2021
P0310 Investigating the presence of gender bias in the language used for job adverts Not Started Initiate Kim Tucker-Hood 01-Dec-2017
MVM534 Research Staff Salary Charging Process In Progress Initiate Sheila Fraser 28-Jul-2022
DLIB019 Vernon Procurement Review Not Started Initiate Karen Stirling 04-Aug-2022 28-Feb-2023