List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
FTP12 Sustainable Procurement Benchmarking Closed Execute Alexis Heeren 17-Aug-2018
P0237 MSc International Cultural Relations Not Started Initiate Amy Woodgate 30-Jun-2016
USD027 Helpline Integration In Progress Initiate Paul De'Ath 24-May-2021
SRSRes05 Student Pathways In Progress Deliver Matthew Lawson 10-Sep-2018
ENT001 Vmware Upgrade and Enterprise Plus Closed Close Graeme Wood 05-Oct-2015
MOOC010 Social Welbeing Closed Close Stephen McEwan 02-Dec-2016
USD017 Office 2013 Upgrade Closed Close Neil Bruce 13-May-2014
Stub Not Started Student Newspaper
P0109 Relocation Support Service Closed Close Anna Edgar 20-Oct-2012
EST116 Estates Energy Systems Optimisation Withdrawn Close Helen Lobb 01-Jun-2018
Pilots Climate Conscious Travel In Progress Execute Chris Litwiniuk 12-Jul-2017
COR002 People and Money - Implementation Project In Progress Plan Alasdair Paterson 27-Nov-2018
CSD001 Engaging with Change Training for Information Services staff Closed Close Ruth Miller 01-Feb-2016
LUC008 CRC Service Review Implementation Plan Closed Close Francesca Baseby 15-Sep-2015
P0257 Edinburgh Digital Entertainment Festival, Pavilion Not Started Initiate Jane MacDonald 02-Jun-2016
LCI005 Library of our time In Progress Execute Angela Laurins 20-Jan-2016
AV2756 KB-JCMB 6231 & 6307 - AV Upgrade Closed Close Stephen Carter 01-May-2018
ESA004 Edinburgh Sustainability Awards – Residence Awards In Progress Deliver Matthew Lawson 03-Nov-2017
SRSCE-C Co-Curricular Pathways Suspended Close Matthew Lawson 01-Aug-2017
LCI025 Enhanced metadata and access for the Thomson-Walker collection of medical portraits online In Progress Execute Alasdair MacDonald 26-Apr-2017
ITS088 SAN Replacement Procurement Closed Close Andrew Stewart 26-Oct-2011
SAS007 Policy Review Suspended Execute Samantha Rice 01-May-2017
MOOC023 Philosophy Science and Religion Part 3 Closed Close Stephen McEwan 17-Jan-2017
RIS019 RIS Systems Procurement Withdrawn Initiate Karen Stirling 10-Jan-2022
P0315 Snapshot site audit development enhancements Not Started Initiate Bruce Darby 26-Feb-2018