List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
AV2695B LF-Queen's Medical Research Institute-Development Imaging Technology Project (QMRI-DITP) Closed Close John Power 01-Oct-2018 28-Feb-2019
FIN139 HR and Payroll Annual Maintenance 21/22 Closed Close Ben Armstrong 28-Aug-2021 23-Mar-2022
BAY405 Introduce a revised Members & Partners model for launch in 21/22 Closed Close Neil McGillivray 04-Jan-2021 31-Jul-2021
RES050 School of Economics Vacancy Database Closed Close Alyson Shaw 03-Jun-2013 06-Jan-2017
SEPFTP006 Target Operating Model (TOM) Closed Close Ana Eden 08-Jan-2018
SAC071 SITS Database upgrade to Oracle 12 Closed Close Chris Konczak 11-May-2018 14-Dec-2018
MVM535 Marketing Performance and Analytics Framework Closed Close Africa Reboto-Lopez 05-Aug-2022 28-Feb-2023
EST083 Estates and Building Financial Management Process Review - Phase 2 Closed Close Ben Armstrong 01-Nov-2014 04-Nov-2016
CSG003 Enhancements for AIR Closed Close Karen Stirling 17-Oct-2014 10-Mar-2015
EDIS0057 Digimap Transition Closed Close Liz Thomas 01-Sep-2017 31-Jul-2018
ISI025 SafeNet+ Closed Close Adam Rusbridge 24-Oct-2016 31-Jul-2017
BAY212 Engage students, academics and industry partners to promote our opportunities for projects and entrepreneurship Closed Close Lee Wilson 01-Aug-2020 10-Jun-2021
DTI048 Student Engagement Closed Close Maja Sorensen 27-Jun-2019 20-Aug-2019
DTI007 EdGEL as a Service Closed Close Sue Woodger 20-Jan-2017 28-Jul-2017
TEL074 Learn Ultra Base Navigation Closed Close Lorna Campbell 12-Feb-2021 27-Aug-2021
SSG004 ESS Small Enhancements Closed Close Laura Bell 04-Oct-2012
DTI028 Maturing the API Infrastructure Closed Close Ken Miller 28-Feb-2018 25-Oct-2019
TEL084 Understanding Learning Analytics on MS Teams Closed Close Joe Tomaney 01-Feb-2022 10-Jun-2022
INF119 Service Resilience Capability Closed Close Karen Stirling 06-Apr-2016 18-May-2017
DCCWeb DCC Website Migration Closed Close Diana Sisu 08-Apr-2020
USD002 LLC Class Libraries Closed Close Richard Battersby 01-Jun-2013 08-Aug-2014
MVM523 Pilot project for WHO's OFF online Staff Leave Management Closed Close Jens Brincker 01-Nov-2017 29-Mar-2019
PPS008 eCommerce Implementation (PPS008) Closed Close Chris Lawford 11-Nov-2014 17-Feb-2017
SAC039 Continuous Improvements Closed Close Karen Osterburg 12-Aug-2014 31-Jul-2015
HSS029 School Programme Quality System (SPQS) Improvements Closed Close Kevin Hone 01-Feb-2019 21-Feb-2020