List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
SEPExemplar001 Sample project: Service Excellence (SEP) In Progress Plan Dawn Holmes 25-Oct-2019
VC Video conference systems improvement and promotion Closed Analyse Chris Litwiniuk 12-Jul-2017
AV2674 Infirmary Street Meeting Rooms Closed Close Guy Tittley 01-Jan-2017
P0250 Wiki Migration In Progress Execute Fiona Matheson 10-Jun-2016
LUC011 Main Library Refurbishment In Progress Execute Jeremy Upton 16-Jan-2016
LTW012 Staff Online Training Migration to People & Money Project Overview Not Started Initiate Colin Forrest 10-Nov-2021
LTI030 Learning Analytics Report Card In Progress Plan Pat Fleury 24-Oct-2016
ISI008 DMPonline - An International Tool In Progress Deliver Diana Sisu 02-Feb-2016
SRSCE-B Community Benefit Procurement Clause In Progress Initiate Sarah Anderson 02-Feb-2018
STU255 SDS - Systems Replacement Multi-Project Balance Row Withdrawn Close Morna Findlay 16-Oct-2017
COM060 MFA Rollout for O365 Email Withdrawn Close David Watters 01-Apr-2021
CCB001 Information Services Branding In Progress Execute Sonia Virdi 18-Jan-2017
DCCF4H Fair4Health In Progress Execute Kevin Ashley 08-Apr-2020
API031 Creating User Centric Requirements and Improving Quality into the Requirements Process Closed Initiate Sue Woodger 08-Jan-2018
SEPTEST001 Test Project for SEP Not Started Initiate Sally Priestley 14-Sep-2018
P0242 Introduction to Marketing Not Started Initiate Amy Woodgate 01-Sep-2015
MOOC034 Tackling Violence Against Children Withdrawn Close Colette Maxwell 01-Oct-2019
P0288 KeepSafe Europe In Progress Initiate Adam Rusbridge 01-Aug-2016
ENT008 AD Platform Driver Closed Close Garry Scobie 04-Nov-2015
MOOC043 Animal Welfare in the Clinic In Progress Plan Rachael Mfoafo 06-Oct-2021
P0317 TSOG001 Bookable Space Support Review In Progress Analyse Sabrina Fijalkowski 20-Feb-2018
FTP004 Palm Oil Policy Development and Implementation In Progress Deliver Alexis Heeren 04-Apr-2017
BAY206 Coordination of cross-CSE and cross-hub industry engagement community embedding academic champions from the emerging Business Informatics network. In Progress Execute Lee Wilson 01-Aug-2019
LTW011 Digital Skills Programme Migration to People & Money Not Started Initiate Colin Forrest 10-Nov-2021
MOOC024 Introduction to Social Research Methods Closed Close Stephen McEwan 03-Aug-2017