List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
TEL031 VLE Student Analytics Closed Close Colin Watt 05-Jan-2016 21-Dec-2018
TEL030 Annual Moodle Upgrade Closed Close Colin Watt 05-Jan-2016 12-Aug-2016
TEL029 Adaptive Learning Pilot Closed Close Sue Woodger 02-Nov-2015 29-Jul-2016
TEL025 Moodle Course Enrolment Management Closed Close Karen Stirling 20-Jul-2015 02-Sep-2016
TEL024 Migration of MVM UG MBChB to PebblePad Closed Close Sue Woodger 14-Apr-2015 02-Oct-2015
TEL023 Next Generation Personal Response System Implementation Closed Close Maurice Franceschi 09-Feb-2015 11-Sep-2015
TEL022 Moodle Upgrade Closed Close Colin Watt 23-Feb-2015 11-Sep-2015
TEL021 TELS Management Information Closed Close David Watters 15-Jan-2015 07-Dec-2015
TEL020 TREE (Technology Resources for Educational Enhancement) Phase 2 Closed Close Susan Greig 09-Sep-2014 17-Aug-2015
TEL019 VLE Student Analytics - Moodle Pilot Closed Close Ross Ward 15-Sep-2014 28-Aug-2015
TEL018 QMP Upgrade Closed Close Colin Forrest 22-Sep-2014 25-Sep-2015
TEL017 VLE Student Analytics Closed Close Morna Findlay 11-Aug-2014 03-Sep-2015
TEL015 Online Assessment/Feedback Evaluations – FACS Closed Close Sue Woodger 04-Mar-2015 24-Nov-2015
TEL014 Online Assesment Evaluations - Adaptive Learning (TEL014) Closed Close Sue Woodger 11-Aug-2014 27-Apr-2015
TEL013 Learn Automated Failover Closed Close Colin Forrest 14-Feb-2014 12-May-2015
TEL012 Moodle Upgrade Closed Close Colin Forrest 02-Dec-2013 31-Jul-2014
TEL011 Next Generation Personal Response System (PRS) - Procurement ('Clickers') Closed Close Maurice Franceschi 11-Nov-2013 17-Jul-2015
TEL010 Video Capture Withdrawn Close Mark Wetton 06-Jan-2014 16-Jul-2014
TEL009 Student Analytics VLE Investigation Closed Close Wilma Alexander 23-Nov-2013 10-Sep-2014
TEL008 Resource Discovery Closed Close Mark Wetton 26-Aug-2013 15-Sep-2014
TEL007 Mobile Learn In Progress Close Josephine Kinsley 05-Aug-2013
TEL006 Learn Enhancements Closed Close Alex Wood 11-Feb-2013 26-Jul-2013
TEL005 ODL Image upload for card services Closed Close Laura Bell 14-Jan-2013 01-Aug-2013
TEL004 Moodle Upgrade 2013 Closed Close Laura Bell 29-Nov-2012 01-Aug-2013
TEL003 Extension of SMART to HSS with Enhancements Closed Close Maurice Franceschi 22-Oct-2012 09-Aug-2013