List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
AV3014 TAP23 - Small Works Not Started Analyse Richard Leslie 01-Apr-2023 30-Sep-2023
AV3015 George Square, 40 - LG.01 Not Started Analyse Richard Leslie 01-Apr-2023 30-Sep-2023
SAC077 Data Futures - Requirements Analysis & Implementation In Progress Build Franck Bergeret 26-Nov-2018 30-Sep-2023
AV3002 Appleton Tower Level 5 - Informatics AV Upgrade In Progress Analyse Richard Leslie 16-Jan-2023 30-Sep-2023
AV2988 Daniel Rutherford B06 & B07 Suspended Analyse Euan Thomson 01-Oct-2022 30-Sep-2023
AV2998 GALT Hybridising Not Started Initiate Stephen Carter 01-Feb-2023 30-Sep-2023
AV2999 HR - Patersons Land AV Upgrade 2023 Not Started Initiate Richard Leslie 01-Feb-2023 30-Sep-2023
AV3010 Maths - JCMB 5205 - Synergy Tables Not Started Analyse Stephen Carter 01-Apr-2023 30-Sep-2023
ENT204 Windows Server 2019 Migration In Progress Execute Morna Findlay 20-Jan-2020 23-Oct-2023
TTU026 Timetabling Annual Roll-forward 23-24 In Progress Plan Alan Donald 01-Nov-2022 27-Oct-2023
RIS025 Pure Upgrades v5.25 to v5.27 In Progress Execute Chris Konczak 03-Nov-2022 27-Oct-2023
ISG021 Upgrading the Projects Website In Progress Plan Ailsa Glass 25-Jul-2022 31-Oct-2023
VLE002 Learn Ultra: Technical In Progress Execute Colin Forrest 04-Apr-2022 31-Oct-2023
P0093 EXAMPLE - Putting a man on the moon In Progress Execute Dawn Holmes 25-May-2020 14-Nov-2023
CIS201 Access Control Door – Continuing Work In Progress Analyse Morna Findlay 03-Feb-2020 27-Nov-2023
CIS014 Network Infrastructure Deployment In Progress Integrate Alan Gray 07-Jan-2019 30-Nov-2023
ISG026 IT and Library Service Readiness for Start of Term 23/24 to 27/28 In Progress Plan Tim Gray 19-Jan-2023 30-Nov-2023
CIS015 Data Centre Networking Suspended Execute Alan Gray 02-Sep-2019 30-Nov-2023
WPS016 EdWeb Decommissioning Not Started Initiate Tim Gray 01-May-2023 01-Dec-2023
LUC061 Lyell Cataloguing Project In Progress Execute Pamela McIntyre 16-Jan-2021 15-Dec-2023
AV2994 LF-Chancellors_Building_LF1_Project (CBLF1P) Suspended Design John Power 01-Nov-2022 22-Dec-2023
AV2793 KB-Engineering Module 1 Project (EM1P) Withdrawn Design John Power 01-Jan-2019 31-Dec-2023
MVM317 Lothian Health Board Framework Agreement Implementation In Progress Plan Sheona Chalmers 15-Jan-2021 31-Dec-2023
AV3000 Agriculture & Food Academy Project (AFAP) Suspended Design John Power 02-Jan-2023 31-Dec-2023
AV2857 Usher Institute Building Project In Progress Procure John Power 11-Oct-2019 31-Dec-2023