List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
TTU030 Timetabling Annual Roll-Forward 24-25 Not Started Initiate Jamie Thin 24-Nov-2023 27-Sep-2024
TTU031 Booker Implementation In Progress Execute Alan Donald 16-Oct-2023 02-Dec-2024
USD001 ECA Library Reclassification Closed Close Abdul Majothi 19-Feb-2013 09-Aug-2013
USD002 LLC Class Libraries Closed Close Richard Battersby 01-Jun-2013 08-Aug-2014
USD003 Law Library Collection Management Closed Close Elizabeth Stevenson 01-Aug-2013 31-Jul-2018
USD004 Funk Cataloguing Projects Closed Close Christine Love-Rodgers 01-Jan-2010 31-Jul-2016
USD005 KB Centre Levels 2 & 3 Closed Close Richard Battersby 01-Sep-2013 11-Nov-2014
USD006 KB Library Store Relocation Not Started Plan Richard Battersby 01-Sep-2013 31-Aug-2015
USD007 Searcher Enhancements Closed Close Irene McGowan 26-Aug-2013
USD008 RIE Library Refurbishment Closed Close Irene McGowan 26-Aug-2013 05-Jan-2017
USD009 Kaspersky Replacement Closed Close Neil Bruce 26-Aug-2013 26-Aug-2014
USD010 Card Services Supply Procurement Closed Close Barry Croucher 27-Aug-2013 04-Jul-2014
USD011 CSWC Library Closed Close Richard Battersby 01-Jun-2013 23-Jan-2015
USD012 New Law & Europa Library Project Closed Close Elizabeth Stevenson 13-Nov-2013 14-Jan-2019
USD013 Scottish Studies Library Redevelopment Closed Close Richard Battersby 19-Nov-2013 01-Mar-2016
USD014 New Library Management System Platform Not Started Initiate Richard Battersby 23-Jan-2014 01-Aug-2015
USD015 File Server Migration Closed Close Neil Bruce 04-Feb-2014
USD016 EAHIL2015 Closed Close Richard Battersby 03-Mar-2014 30-Jun-2015
USD017 Office 2013 Upgrade Closed Close Neil Bruce 13-May-2014
USD018 Everyone Print Closed Close Robert O'Malley 06-Jun-2014
USD019 Staffmail to Office 365 Migration Closed Close Abdul Majothi 12-Jun-2014 09-Nov-2015
USD020 Account Ageing Closed Close Abdul Majothi 03-Jul-2014 27-Sep-2014
USD021 East Asian Studies Collection Closed Close Richard Battersby 22-Jul-2014 01-Mar-2016
USD022 Library Selfcheck Equipment Supplier Procurement 2015/16 Withdrawn Close Barry Croucher 01-Aug-2015 08-Feb-2016
USD023 SCONUL Access AGM Closed Close Karen Bonthron 04-Nov-2015 07-Jul-2016