List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
API009 Projects Website Review Closed Close Dawn Holmes 23-Nov-2015 29-Jul-2016
API010 Student intern journalists to communicate work of IS Closed Close Alex Carter 23-Nov-2015
API011 Student intern to deliver user guides and videos Closed Close Alex Carter 23-Nov-2015
API012 Student testers Closed Close Defeng Ma 23-Nov-2015
API013 Training for Project Sponsorship Closed Close Mark Ritchie 23-Nov-2015 01-Jul-2016
API014 IS Talent Register - transforming staff development Closed Close Morna Findlay 23-Nov-2015 29-Jul-2016
API015 Q&A site to share knowledge for professional & support staff Withdrawn Close Adam Wheavil 01-Feb-2016 07-Jul-2016
API016 Roll Out Book.ed and Support for 1 Year In Progress Deliver Martin Morrey 23-Nov-2015
API017 Edinburgh Cityscope Foundations Closed Close Morna Findlay 23-Nov-2015 04-Aug-2017
API018 Improve interaction with new and returning students Closed Close Adam Wheavil 18-Jan-2016 31-Jan-2017
API019 EdWeb code sprint Closed Close Stratos Filalithis 28-Apr-2016
API020 Devops : IS Working Methods and Automation Closed Close Maurice Franceschi 25-Oct-2016 04-Aug-2017
API021 Developing Guidance and Training for Managing Benefits In Progress Initiate Rhian Davies 25-Oct-2016
API022 Improving communication with graphic recording In Progress Initiate Rhian Davies 25-Oct-2016
API023 Project Online Pilot In Progress Initiate Rhian Davies 25-Oct-2016
API024 Technical Services Integration into IS Alerts Closed Close Matt Beilby 25-Oct-2016 22-Aug-2017
API025 Creating user centric requirements and improving quality into the requirements process Closed Close Sue Woodger 25-Oct-2016 04-Aug-2017
API026 Building on EdGEL - Interface Standardisation + Managing Change Closed Close Mairi Fraser 25-Oct-2016
API027 MyEd Progressive WebApp prototype Closed Close Richard Good 25-Oct-2016 23-Dec-2016
API028 Increasing Project Engagement Through Use of Video Closed Close Tim Gray 25-Oct-2016 22-Sep-2017
API029 Code sprints for all the things Closed Close Mairi Fraser 01-Dec-2017 28-Feb-2019
API030 Container Based Service Delivery Closed Close Peter Jackson 08-Jan-2018 13-Mar-2019
API031 Creating User Centric Requirements and Improving Quality into the Requirements Process Closed Initiate Sue Woodger 08-Jan-2018
API032 Graphic Recorder Closed Close Rhian Davies 04-Dec-2017 31-Jul-2018
API033 PDF generation-storage as a Service In Progress Execute Gregory Carter 16-Jan-2018