List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
SAC021 Integration of Bursaries and Scholarships into the Student Record Closed Close Rachel Lacaille 05-Aug-2013 09-Jan-2015
STU233 Open Days and Tours Migration Closed Close Franck Bergeret 05-Aug-2013 26-May-2014
SCE001 PATH Closed Close Franck Bergeret 05-Aug-2013 31-Mar-2014
SAC017 Data Retention Requirements Closed Close Karen Osterburg 05-Aug-2013 15-Jan-2016
FIN056 eProcurement Scotland - eInvoicing Withdrawn Close Rhian Davies 05-Aug-2013 30-May-2014
FIN091 eFinancials upgrade - Phase Two Closed Close Morna Findlay 05-Aug-2013 11-Apr-2014
SAC018 UKBA Data Recording Closed Close Richard Arkless 05-Aug-2013 03-Oct-2014
TEL007 Mobile Learn In Progress Close Josephine Kinsley 05-Aug-2013
SAC022 Small Scale Enhancements- Internal Closed Close Karen Osterburg 05-Aug-2013 31-Jul-2014
USD003 Law Library Collection Management Closed Close Elizabeth Stevenson 01-Aug-2013 31-Jul-2018
UWP006 New University-wide Web CMS Closed Close Tim Gray 31-Jul-2013 22-Jan-2016
COM008 Migrate Exchange to Office 365 for Staff Closed Close Morna Findlay 24-Jul-2013 31-Oct-2014
FIN090 eExpenses replacement evaluation Closed Close Rhian Davies 27-Jun-2013 30-May-2014
SAC019 Direct Admissions Review Closed Close Ruth McCallum 26-Jun-2013 04-Sep-2015
RES049 PURE Enhancements Closed Close Sue Woodger 06-Jun-2013 20-Jan-2014
P0111 ASTA Year End Project for 12/13 Closed Close Simon Humble 06-Jun-2013 23-Aug-2013
RES050 School of Economics Vacancy Database Closed Close Alyson Shaw 03-Jun-2013 06-Jan-2017
P0110 OCS-Inventory-Pilot Closed Close Sean McGeever 03-Jun-2013 05-Jan-2017
USD011 CSWC Library Closed Close Richard Battersby 01-Jun-2013 23-Jan-2015
USD002 LLC Class Libraries Closed Close Richard Battersby 01-Jun-2013 08-Aug-2014
UWP005 Polopoly: CMS Usage Information Closed Close Tim Gray 29-May-2013
RES048 PURE Upgrade to 4.16 Closed Close Karen Stirling 27-May-2013 13-Dec-2013
ECA007 eReserve for ECA Portal Closed Close Craig Middlemass 20-May-2013 25-Jul-2014
STU231 Office 365 Integration for Timetabling Withdrawn Close David Watters 10-May-2013 01-Aug-2014
SSG010 ESS Small Enhancements Closed Close Laura Bell 09-May-2013