List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
INF149 Move non IS based Oracle databases to VMs and stretched cluster Not Started Initiate Mark Downey 01-Oct-2020 15-Dec-2021
AV2865 Gaddum LT Closed Close Euan Thomson 01-Oct-2020 10-Sep-2021
AV2858 CT-DHT-LG.09 Teaching Studio Closed Close Stephen Carter 01-Oct-2020 10-Sep-2021
AV2859 Main Library 1.07, 1.08 and 1.09 Closed Close Stephen Dishon 01-Oct-2020 10-Sep-2021
BAY105 Focus on data-driven entrepreneurship MOOC/online course/outreach offerings in 20/21 In Progress Initiate Teresa Ironside 01-Aug-2020
BAY205 Review of datasets included in WCDI in collaboration with EPCC and promotion of data assets available to internal/external communities by end of 19/20 In Progress Execute Michael Rovatsos 01-Aug-2020
AV2878 Small Software VC Enabled AV Room Withdrawn Close Stephen Dishon 01-Jun-2020 12-Oct-2020
TTU021 Timetabling - Scientia Exam Scheduler annual upgrade (minor upgrades each year) Not Started Initiate Frankie Quinn 01-Jun-2020
AV2854 Royal Observatory VC Upgrade Suspended Initiate Stephen Carter 01-Jun-2020 10-Sep-2021
AV2880 ECCI AV Room Upgrades Suspended Initiate Euan Thomson 01-Jun-2020 10-Sep-2021
AV2868 JCMB 3303 - VC Room Suspended Initiate Stephen Dishon 01-Jun-2020 10-Sep-2021
AV2856 LTSP20/21 - Room Out/In Suspended Initiate Guy Tittley 01-Jun-2020 10-Sep-2021
COM054 Annual JIRA Upgrade Not Started Initiate David Watters 01-Jun-2020 04-Sep-2020
DLIB007 Access to All Collections Online Not Started Initiate Karen Stirling 25-May-2020
SAC084 Student Record Enhancement Not Started Initiate Franck Bergeret 18-May-2020
DLAS016 DLAS Learner and Student Communications Not Started Initiate Lauren Johnston-Smith 04-May-2020 01-Jan-2021
ENT209 DR Testing and Planning 19/20 Not Started Initiate Morna Findlay 04-May-2020 31-Jul-2020
DLIB006 Library Databases - Digital Access Analysis Not Started Initiate Karen Stirling 04-May-2020
MOOC033 Data Literacy in GeoSciences Not Started Initiate Colette Maxwell 30-Apr-2020
MOOC0035 What is Social Anthropology? Not Started Initiate Colette Maxwell 30-Apr-2020
DTP023 Deployment of Windows 10 To Locally Managed Devices Not Started Initiate Gail Devaney 27-Apr-2020 03-Jul-2020
RSS201 Large Scale Data Transport Not Started Initiate Peter Sanderson 06-Apr-2020 03-Jul-2020
DST202 AppsED Service Extension Not Started Initiate Gail Devaney 06-Apr-2020 10-Jul-2020
DLIB003 Language Online - Dual Language for Collections Not Started Initiate Karen Stirling 06-Apr-2020
DLIB005 Procurement of DAMS (Digital Asset Management System) Not Started Initiate Robert Hamilton 06-Apr-2020