List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
FIN000 zzz-DELETE-do not use Closed Close Glenda Growdon 03-Apr-2017
SRSCE-St Community Engagement Strategy Update Not Started Initiate Sarah Anderson 08-Nov-2018
BAY201 Set interdisciplinary research priorities for collaboration with the aim of supporting five major funding bids annually In Progress Execute Michael Rovatsos 01-Aug-2019
MOOC004 Cats & Dogs Closed Close Stephen McEwan 02-Nov-2015
DLAS001 DLAS Policy and Governance In Progress Execute Nikki Stuart 05-Mar-2018
P0238 MSc Cognitive Sciences Not Started Initiate Amy Woodgate 30-Jun-2016
P0101 IGMM IT Integration Not Started Initiate Mark Skinner 21-Feb-2013
CSG018 IRM Implementation - Business School Not Started Initiate Emma Mcnab 04-Mar-2020
RSS026 RCI (Eddie) major version updates Withdrawn Initiate Andy Todd 01-May-2017
USD017 Office 2013 Upgrade Closed Close Neil Bruce 13-May-2014
EEC5 ESME / Sustainable Building Design support In Progress Deliver Andrew Arnott 23-Aug-2019
Stub Not Started Student Newspaper
P0109 Relocation Support Service Closed Close Anna Edgar 20-Oct-2012
Pilots Climate Conscious Travel In Progress Execute Chris Litwiniuk 12-Jul-2017
SRS-SOC 13.2 + 13.3 Newsletter and Social Media - Expansion In Progress Deliver Sarah Ford-Hutchinson 01-Sep-2014
DLIB007 Access to All Collections Online Not Started Initiate Karen Stirling 14-Aug-2020
CSD001 Engaging with Change Training for Information Services staff Closed Close Ruth Miller 01-Feb-2016
LUC008 CRC Service Review Implementation Plan Closed Close Francesca Baseby 15-Sep-2015
AV2789 Western General LT Closed Close Euan Murray 01-Jan-2019
P0257 Edinburgh Digital Entertainment Festival, Pavilion Not Started Initiate Jane MacDonald 02-Jun-2016
SRA003 Communications and Events In Progress Plan Shirley Williams 22-Aug-2018
LCI005 Library of our time In Progress Execute Angela Laurins 20-Jan-2016
BAY308 CoPE Scale Up Accelerator - AI solutions for a Covid-19 economy at Bayes In Progress Deliver James Ashe 02-Nov-2020
EDIP0305 Key to Choice Redevelopment In Progress Plan Emily Elliott 07-May-2020
USI018 PC Availability App In Progress Execute Andrew Millington 21-Jan-2019