List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
SEPTEST001 Test Project for SEP Not Started Initiate Sally Priestley 14-Sep-2018
MOOC034 Tackling Violence Against Children Withdrawn Close Colette Maxwell 01-Oct-2019
USG009 USG Business Support Withdrawn Initiate Sheila Fraser 16-Apr-2018
COM026 Wiki Upgrade Closed Close Tim Gray 02-Feb-2016
BAY108 Collaboration with the Widening Participation, Digital Skills Gateway programmes, The Data Lab and the wider HE/FE community In Progress Execute Cat Andrade-Robertsen 01-Aug-2019
Ce3 13.5 CRM review and future CRM approach for SRS Department In Progress Procure Sarah Ford-Hutchinson 01-Feb-2019
PPPBUS001 Automated Payroll Proration Calculations In Progress Execute Pamela Baillie 08-Nov-2016
P0317 TSOG001 Bookable Space Support Review In Progress Analyse Sabrina Fijalkowski 20-Feb-2018
SEPFTP002 Delegated Authority Schedule and Governance (DAS) In Progress Execute Susan Mulhearn 20-Jun-2017
BAY206 Coordination of cross-CSE and cross-hub industry engagement community embedding academic champions from the emerging Business Informatics network. In Progress Execute Lee Wilson 01-Aug-2019
SPS001 DiaDev In Progress Initiate Alice Street 22-Nov-2016
AV2940 Lister - Hybridising Teaching Spaces Not Started Initiate Stephen Dishon 18-Jun-2021
SAC007 - P2 Phase 2 Updates to student information Withdrawn Initiate Chris Giles 05-Feb-2013
FTP009 Make ICT Fair In Progress Deliver Alexis Heeren 10-Jul-2017
SRSCE-Co Community Engagement Communciations Strategy In Progress Deliver Sarah Anderson 01-Aug-2017
HSD007 HSD007: LEARN - RPU In Progress Plan Candice Schmid 09-Feb-2017
SRSCE-S Community Access to Rooms Suspended Deliver Sarah Anderson 02-Feb-2018
SRP003 SRS Strategy Review In Progress Deliver Matthew Lawson 02-Nov-2017
API008 Project Management Learning and Development @ Ed Closed Close Dawn Holmes 01-Feb-2016
TEL073 Upgrade Project In Progress Initiate Mark Findlay 01-Mar-2021
LTI012 Learning dashboards for professional development Withdrawn Close Jennifer Houston 08-Feb-2016
CW Carmichael Watson Suspended Initiate Kirsty Stewart 01-Jul-2009
API019 EdWeb code sprint Closed Close Stratos Filalithis 28-Apr-2016
TEL054 AP78-060 TEL Improvements Withdrawn Initiate Colin Watt 08-Jan-2018
MOOC0035 What is Social Anthropology? Withdrawn Initiate Colette Maxwell 30-Apr-2020