List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
CW Carmichael Watson Suspended Initiate Kirsty Stewart 01-Jul-2009
API019 EdWeb code sprint Closed Close Stratos Filalithis 28-Apr-2016
P0344 SharePoint Student Engagement In Progress Execute Zohra O'Doherty 01-Jun-2020
TEL054 AP78-060 TEL Improvements Withdrawn Initiate Colin Watt 08-Jan-2018
SRSCE-St Community Engagement Strategy Update Not Started Initiate Sarah Anderson 08-Nov-2018
P0129 IS Applications Three Year Rolling Planning 2014-2017 Closed Close Mark Ritchie 11-Oct-2013
P0094 EXAMPLE - Researching foraging ants in the Spanish desert In Progress Plan Dawn Holmes 13-Jan-2020
CSG018 IRM Onboarding - Business School Industry Activity Not Started Plan Andrew Stewart 04-Feb-2022
DTI024 Maturing Student Record APIs Closed Close Chris Copner 16-Oct-2017
INI009 University Estate Wireless Network Survey Project Withdrawn Close Alan Boyd 02-Feb-2016
LUC055 Adam Smith Library/EFI internships In Progress Execute Daryl Green 01-Mar-2021
SRS-SOC 13.2 + 13.3 Newsletter and Social Media - Expansion In Progress Deliver Sarah Ford-Hutchinson 01-Sep-2014
LCI039 Visual Metaphor Cards In Progress Execute Rhian Davies 04-Dec-2017
FTP010 Enhancing Fair Trade (Incorporating Fairtrade University Award) In Progress Deliver Alexis Heeren 10-Jul-2017
AV2789 Western General LT Closed Close Euan Murray 01-Jan-2019
AV2922 IGMM Expansion Suspended Initiate John Power 01-Apr-2021
SRA003 Communications and Events In Progress Plan Shirley Williams 22-Aug-2018
BAY307 Establish the CoPE Venture Builder at Bayes In Progress Plan James Ashe 02-Nov-2020
ACS040 Kx Modules Placeholder Withdrawn Close Andrew Stewart 05-Feb-2018
SSG004 ESS Small Enhancements Closed Close Laura Bell 04-Oct-2012
SAC061 SITS Double Upgrade Closed Close Morna Findlay 02-Oct-2017
LCI006 Pilot project to standardise authority metadata across Library and University Collections catalogues and repositories Not Started Initiate Rachel Summers 20-Jan-2016
SEPFTP009 Research Target Operating Model (TOM) In Progress Close Alyson Macdonald 01-Aug-2018
SRSRes02 SRS Academic Network In Progress Deliver Elizabeth Cooper 11-Apr-2017
AV2912 LST Asset Management Suspended Initiate Neil Tuohy 01-Mar-2021