List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
RSS034 Central Research Compute and Data Storage and College Funded Refresh  Withdrawn Initiate Andy Todd 15-Jan-2018 29-Jun-2018
SAC045 Path enhancements for pre-applicants/enquirers Withdrawn Initiate Andrew Crossland 13-Aug-2015 29-Jan-2016
P0319 PPLS Technical Knowledge Repository Not Started Initiate Alisdair Tullo 27-Jun-2018
HRS099 HESA staff return - 20/21 Withdrawn Initiate Susan Ridder-Patrick 01-Apr-2021 12-Nov-2021
EST111 Estates Archibus support remediation Suspended Initiate Andy Gray 11-Dec-2017
RIS002 PURE - REF 2020 IS Apps effort to support REF return Withdrawn Initiate Karen Stirling 01-Mar-2018 08-Dec-2017
P0230 ECA responsive website redevelopment project: 2016/17 Not Started Initiate Sharon Pringle 14-Mar-2016
PDI-042 Regulators of Senescence In Progress Initiate Dahlia Doughty Shenton 27-Oct-2016 01-Sep-2017
CHE001 Chemistry Staff and Student Travel Approval Not Started Initiate Jim Barclay 22-Nov-2016
P0247 Social Wellbeing Not Started Initiate Amy Woodgate 08-Sep-2015
SAC004 - E16 Course Results XML Upload - Resits Not Started Initiate Richard Arkless 11-Feb-2013
MVM109 Technology to support communications with potential students. Withdrawn Initiate Alan Gilchrist 02-Dec-2019 03-Jun-2020
LUC051 Art Fund New Collecting Award In Progress Initiate Julie-Ann Delaney 21-Jan-2021 28-Jan-2022
LUCR42127 WELLCOME TRUST 096918Z/11/Z - CATALOGUING NORMAN DOTT Closed Initiate Louise Williams 14-Jan-2014 31-Jul-2017
FIN121 eTime 17/18 Withdrawn Initiate Emma Mcnab 08-Jan-2018 09-Jul-2018
CSG014 Procurement Roles and Responsibility Guidance Withdrawn Initiate Lucy Sinclair 06-Jul-2018
LUC039 Through Lyell's Eyes - Conservation Not Started Initiate Elaine MacGillivray 10-Dec-2020 23-Dec-2021
P0235 Demo Not Started Initiate Dawn Holmes 28-Apr-2016
P0213 Office Awards Not Started Initiate Caroline Overy 01-Aug-2015
RSS302 Research Infrastructure Refresh 20-21 In Progress Initiate Richard Bailey 12-Apr-2021 30-Jul-2021
CIS011 Infoblox deployment Withdrawn Initiate David Graham 21-Jun-2018 28-May-2018
DTP015 Mobile Device Management Withdrawn Initiate Vladimir Zirojevic 16-Apr-2018 30-Apr-2018
P0248 EU Referendum Not Started Initiate Amy Woodgate 06-May-2016
MVM110 Technology to support Open Educational Resources (OER) Withdrawn Initiate Alan Gilchrist 02-Dec-2019 03-Jun-2020
LTW004 Multimedia Metadata Generator Withdrawn Initiate Jimmy Angelakos 01-Feb-2018 31-Mar-2018