List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
ITI029 Free Automatic Website Certificates Closed Close Kenneth MacDonald 27-Oct-2017 31-Jul-2018
INF150 AppsUtil OS EOL build Centos 7 version Closed Close Anne Mathison 02-Sep-2019 16-Apr-2021
CSG009 RIR Ltd systems review Closed Close Dawn Holmes 09-Oct-2015 18-Mar-2016
LCI028 Listen to the Library Closed Close Serena Fredrick 25-Oct-2016 16-Aug-2017
PPL002 PPLS GMCR Committee Process and Operation Closed Close Paul De'Ath 01-Dec-2017 12-Jun-2019
ENT212 Azure Conditional Access and Multi-Factor Authentication for Microsoft 365 Closed Close Morna Findlay 03-Feb-2020 13-Aug-2021
AV2660 Lister (Roxburgh Place) Learning and Teaching Centre Closed Close Stephen Dishon 01-Jan-2017 14-Sep-2018
ISG014 IT and Library Business Service Readiness for Start of Term 2018/19 Closed Close Colin Watt 01-May-2018 26-Oct-2018
UWS001 Polopoly Updates for Cookie Legislation Closed Close Stephen Conlon 30-May-2012 24-Oct-2012
LUC019 Centre for Research Collections - 6th Floor Engagement Suite Closed Close Joseph Marshall 03-May-2017 31-Dec-2018
USI017 Card Services: Feasibility study of door access function via smartphone Closed Close Paul Gorman 10-Oct-2018 30-Jun-2019
ECA008 Mini Portfolio Migration Closed Close Franck Bergeret 29-Nov-2013 07-Feb-2014
ENT035 Enterprise Services rolling decommission/upgrade project Closed Close Lawrence Stevenson 18-Apr-2018 21-Dec-2018
LUC030 Reconfiguration of CRC Reading Room Project Closed Close Francesca Baseby 25-Mar-2019 27-Sep-2019
TEL024 Migration of MVM UG MBChB to PebblePad Closed Close Sue Woodger 14-Apr-2015 02-Oct-2015
HSS015 School of Economics Job Study Closed Close Andrew Stewart 07-Jul-2016 30-Jul-2021
AV2847 Shared Learning Spaces - 5.11 Charteris Land Closed Close David Whitaker 30-Sep-2019 12-Oct-2020
WEB007 Notifications Backbone Closed Close Colin Watt 05-Jan-2015 03-Jun-2016
DTI001 Digital Transformation Website Closed Close David Watters 16-Dec-2016 12-May-2017
DEI006 Card Services for Online Distance Learning Student Closed Close Donna Cruickshank 13-Feb-2011 02-Nov-2012
AV2888 Maths Small AV Upgrades Closed Close Stephen Dishon 01-Apr-2020 12-Oct-2020
USD004 Funk Cataloguing Projects Closed Close Christine Love-Rodgers 01-Jan-2010 31-Jul-2016
HRP005 HRTP Process Standardisation Closed Close Sheona Chalmers 10-Aug-2018 31-Mar-2021
P0157 Organising Electronic Folders Stage 2 Closed Close MAGDA Sidwa-Ciesnikowska 06-Feb-2014 13-Jan-2017
ITI002 ITI Programme and Project Management - Year 2 - Embed Closed Close Maurice Franceschi 30-Jun-2015 31-Dec-2016