List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
AV2932 Education - Hybridising Holyrood 2021 Suspended Build Stephen Carter 01-May-2021 30-Sep-2021
SAC077 Data Futures - Requirements Analysis & Implementation In Progress Build Franck Bergeret 26-Nov-2018 30-Jan-2023
SAC077B Data Futures - Academic Model (workstream) In Progress Build Franck Bergeret 03-Dec-2020
COR005a People and Money - Estates Integration In Progress Build Mark Downey 12-Dec-2019
RES057 RMAS Worktribe - PURE Integration Withdrawn Build Karen Stirling 27-Feb-2014
EDWEB001 EdWeb - Development of Social Media And Visitor Feedback Functions In Progress Build Bruce Darby 05-Jan-2017
EST091 EBIS On-Line ColdFusion Upgrade In Progress Build Chris Lawford 03-Feb-2016
AV2791 KB-Nucleus Project (NP) In Progress Build John Power 01-Jan-2019 01-Sep-2022
RSS048 Storage Manager Operational Transition In Progress Build Michael Wallis 13-Aug-2018 20-Nov-2021
MVM531 CMVM Study Spaces - 2021 In Progress Build Sheila Fraser 19-Aug-2021
COM045 IDM Database Upgrade In Progress Build Chris Konczak 10-Dec-2018 29-Oct-2021
AV2931 Hybrid Level 1 - Additional 1m SD Spaces Suspended Build David Whitaker 01-May-2021 30-Sep-2021
EST090 Waste Management System Upgrade Withdrawn Build Elaine Wighton 03-Dec-2015
SAC088 Migrate SITS database (STAR) off physical server to VM In Progress Build Chris Konczak 25-Aug-2021 31-Mar-2022
HSS006 ELTC Online Toolkit Suspended Build Sally Hayward 23-Jun-2014
AV2903 StEAP - CSE Lecture Recording Suspended Integrate Stephen Dishon 25-Jun-2020 17-Dec-2021
AV2933 SoEngineering Room Upgrades 2021 In Progress Integrate Stephen Dishon 01-May-2021 31-Dec-2021
CIS014 Network Infrastructure Deployment In Progress Integrate Rick Arnautovic 07-Jan-2019 31-Aug-2022
AV2831 InSpace AV Suspended Integrate Stephen Dishon 01-Mar-2019 17-Dec-2021
TEL057 Learn Foundations In Progress Analyse Lee-Ann Simpson 27-Aug-2018 31-Jan-2022
SAC085 GDPR 2 for student systems In Progress Analyse Franck Bergeret 01-Oct-2021 30-Jun-2022
VC Video conference systems improvement and promotion Closed Analyse Chris Litwiniuk 12-Jul-2017
DTI050 Finance Data Marts for Strategic Reporting Suspended Analyse Ben Armstrong 20-Sep-2019 16-Dec-2022
SRA004 Future State In Progress Analyse Andy Donne 05-Sep-2019
AV2681 CT - Student Centre Project Withdrawn Analyse Stephen Dishon 01-Jan-2017 31-Aug-2020