List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
AV2896 Geosciences - Grant 248 Student Study Room Closed Close Stephen Dishon 06-Apr-2020 31-Jul-2020
LUC043 Collecting The University's memory and experience in COVID In Progress Initiate Lorraine McLoughlin 05-Apr-2020 29-Jul-2022
TTU021 Timetabling - Scientia Exam Scheduler annual upgrade (minor upgrades each year) In Progress Execute Alan Donald 03-Apr-2020 30-Jul-2021
TEL067 Academic Blogging upgrade 2020 Closed Close Karen Beggs 03-Apr-2020 24-Jul-2020
AV2828 Holland House AV Move Closed Close Guy Tittley 01-Apr-2020 10-Sep-2021
AV2888 Maths Small AV Upgrades Closed Close Stephen Dishon 01-Apr-2020 12-Oct-2020
AV2889 IGMM - Summer 2020 AV Upgrades Closed Close Eddy O'Hare 01-Apr-2020 10-Sep-2021
AV2875 JCMB 4325C Teaching Studio AV Closed Close Stephen Carter 01-Apr-2020 30-Oct-2020
BAY404 Define and implement an operational communications strategy (and supporting web content) Closed Close Amanda Lund 31-Mar-2020 28-Feb-2021
SAS023 Resilience for Student Administration and Support (Covid-19) In Progress Plan Ranald Swanson 27-Mar-2020 30-Sep-2020
ITI203 Remote Desktop Mitigation Closed Plan Morna Findlay 26-Mar-2020 03-Sep-2020
EST129 Estates Business Readiness and Adoption of SEP P&M In Progress Execute Josephine McDonald 26-Mar-2020 30-Mar-2022
ENT201 Server hosting improvements In Progress Execute Morna Findlay 18-Mar-2020 14-Jun-2021
AV2894 CSE Physics - JCMB L2 Video Wall Closed Close Stephen Dishon 16-Mar-2020 31-Dec-2020
FIN134 C-Series Upgrade Closed Close Kevin Hone 15-Mar-2020 31-Jul-2020
USG015 Clearing 2020 Closed Close Frankie Quinn 13-Mar-2020 09-Oct-2020
CSG017 IRM - Intellectual Property (IP) Team Onboarding Closed Close Andrew Stewart 13-Mar-2020 17-Dec-2020
AV2893 Sydney Smith Catchbox Closed Close Eddy O'Hare 12-Mar-2020 31-Aug-2020
AV2890 StEAMP - Chrystal McMillan B.03 In Progress Build Guy Tittley 11-Mar-2020 31-Jul-2020
AV2891 StEAMP - 50 George Sq 1.01 & 1.02 (Computer Lab 1&2) Closed Close David Whitaker 11-Mar-2020 30-Oct-2020
AV2892 CAHSS - ECA AV Upgrades 2020 Closed Close Guy Tittley 11-Mar-2020 30-Oct-2020
DLIB004 Digital Workflow - Goobi Implementation Closed Close Frankie Quinn 09-Mar-2020 04-Dec-2020
RSS201 Large Scale Data Transport Pilot In Progress Execute Richard Bailey 06-Mar-2020 25-Jun-2021
EST128 Estates Facilities Management Pre-Procurement Suspended Plan Marjory Howarth 06-Mar-2020 31-Dec-2021
RIS013 Support for REF Withdrawn Close Karen Stirling 02-Mar-2020 22-May-2020