List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
EI001 IRM Phase 4 - IP Management platform migration In Progress Initiate David Montreuil 04-Feb-2020 31-Jul-2020
INF148 Patching Process for Application Components - Implementation Closed Close Chris Konczak 03-Feb-2020 13-Nov-2020
RSS202 New Network Architecture Impacts Closed Close Peter Sanderson 03-Feb-2020 03-Jul-2020
ENT212 Azure Conditional Access and Multi-Factor Authentication for Microsoft 365 In Progress Execute Morna Findlay 03-Feb-2020 02-Jul-2021
RSS204 WITHDRAWN - On-ramps for Researchers Withdrawn Initiate Peter Sanderson 03-Feb-2020 03-Jul-2020
RSS214 Research Procurement Framework Replacement In Progress Execute Richard Bailey 03-Feb-2020 29-Jul-2021
COM056 Accessibility Statements Closed Close Sue Woodger 03-Feb-2020 16-Oct-2020
ENT206 WITHDRAWN - TSM Backup Replacement Withdrawn Initiate Maurice Franceschi 03-Feb-2020 03-Jul-2020
SAS022 SA&S Structure and Ways of Working Suspended Plan Alistair Wallace 03-Feb-2020
CIS201 Access Control Door – Continuing Work Suspended Plan Morna Findlay 03-Feb-2020 27-Jun-2022
BAY301 Develop a proposition for an early-stage (pre-MVP) accelerator primarily targeted at PhD students and early-career researchers In Progress Execute Charlotte Waugh 01-Feb-2020 31-Jul-2020
BAY303 Develop an enhanced proposition for EIE programme into an accelerator to further scale up businesses In Progress Execute Danny Helson 01-Feb-2020
HSS035 Centre for Open Learning - Migration of CLASS to the cloud Closed Close Sophie Izard 31-Jan-2020 05-Feb-2021
MVM527 Use of OCS for asset management in CMVM - Scope Closed Close Sarfraz Mohammed 27-Jan-2020 31-Aug-2020
SCE017 Deployment of Open Computer and Software Inventory In Progress Plan Alan Donald 27-Jan-2020 18-Jun-2021
ENT204 Windows Server 2019 Migration In Progress Execute Morna Findlay 20-Jan-2020 23-Oct-2023
ENT205 Logging, Monitoring, Metrics and Alerting - improvements and gap analysis Closed Close Morna Findlay 20-Jan-2020 08-Jan-2021
MVM138 Vets EMS Placement Management Closed Close Andrew Millington 20-Jan-2020 05-Sep-2020
MVM139 Curriculum Mapping Tool (COMMAND) In Progress Execute Andrew Millington 20-Jan-2020 02-Apr-2021
ENT208 System Emails & Staffmail Decommissioning In Progress Execute Morna Findlay 14-Jan-2020 30-Sep-2021
DLIB012 Digital Preservation System Upgrade In Progress Execute Alex Ross 13-Jan-2020 30-Jun-2021
RSS207 DRS Outreach Website Development 19-20 Closed Close Maurice Franceschi 13-Jan-2020 24-Jul-2020
LIB001 Student Course Load into Library System Alma Closed Close Alex Ross 13-Jan-2020 27-Nov-2020
ISG018 IT and Library Business Service Readiness for Start of Term 2020/21 Closed Close Tim Gray 13-Jan-2020 03-Dec-2020
P0094 EXAMPLE - Researching foraging ants in the Spanish desert In Progress Plan Dawn Holmes 13-Jan-2020