List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
SAC060 Graduations Closed Close Shirley McCulloch 01-Aug-2016
AV2772 Argyle House Media Studio Closed Close Stephen Dishon 02-Apr-2018
AV2632 KB-Engineering SMC 1.03 Closed Close Stephen Dishon 31-Oct-2017
BAY307 Establish the CoPE Venture Builder at Bayes In Progress Plan James Ashe 02-Nov-2020
LUC010 St Cecilia's Hall Redevelopment Project Closed Close Jacky MacBeath 05-Jan-2015
LTI030 Learning Analytics Report Card In Progress Plan Pat Fleury 24-Oct-2016
AV2913 Hybrid Events Suspended Initiate John Power 01-Mar-2021
ISI008 DMPonline - An International Tool In Progress Deliver Diana Sisu 02-Feb-2016
BAY105 Focus on data-driven entrepreneurship MOOC/online course/outreach offerings in 20/21 In Progress Initiate Kirsten Phimister 01-Aug-2020
P0338 New approach to student number planning and tuition fee income forecasting Not Started Initiate Helen Stocks 01-Sep-2019
MVM529 Enabling CMVM Rooms for Hybrid Meetings In Progress Execute Sheila Fraser 06-May-2021
STU255 SDS - Systems Replacement Multi-Project Balance Row Withdrawn Close Morna Findlay 16-Oct-2017
CCB001 Information Services Branding In Progress Execute Sonia Virdi 18-Jan-2017
AVE0001 Graduations Streaming Closed Close Alastair Taylor 08-Jun-2017
MVM305 Flexible Server hosting Suspended Initiate Anthony Davie 21-Apr-2017
TEL007 Mobile Learn In Progress Close Josephine Kinsley 05-Aug-2013
P0241 Sit Less, Get Active Not Started Initiate Amy Woodgate 18-Oct-2015
HRS093 HR Events Booking Enhancements Withdrawn Initiate Michael McMonagle 13-Mar-2017
SAMMLT Sample Project: Multiple Phases In Progress Execute Dawn Holmes 06-Jan-2020
EST124 Estates Committee Management System Implementation Withdrawn Close Derrick Matheson 01-Oct-2019
VC Video conference systems improvement and promotion Closed Analyse Chris Litwiniuk 12-Jul-2017
AV2674 Infirmary Street Meeting Rooms Closed Close Guy Tittley 01-Jan-2017
P0250 Wiki Migration In Progress Execute Fiona Matheson 10-Jun-2016
BAY308 CoPE Scale Up Accelerator - AI solutions for a Covid-19 economy at Bayes In Progress Deliver James Ashe 02-Nov-2020
LUC011 Main Library Refurbishment In Progress Execute Jeremy Upton 16-Jan-2016