List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
BAY211 Support the Rubicon initiative to acquire geospatial data assets In Progress Execute Michael Rovatsos 29-Jul-2020
ISG019 Study Spaces Provision Project Closed Close Karen Beggs 28-Jul-2020 06-Nov-2020
SAC086 Move the SITS Hub/Streams off the physical servers to VM In Progress Build Franck Bergeret 27-Jul-2020 11-Jan-2021
ENT202 WITHDRAWN - SEP requirements Withdrawn Initiate Maurice Franceschi 17-Jul-2020 17-Jul-2020
DTI056 Virtual Visits In Progress Execute Richard Bailey 09-Jul-2020 27-Nov-2020
MVM140 CMVM eAssessment In Progress Deliver Alistair Wallace 07-Jul-2020 25-Sep-2020
HRP014 Talent Performance and Learning In Progress Initiate Sheona Chalmers 01-Jul-2020 30-Jul-2021
PMO003 PMO BI Reporting In Progress Execute Rhian Davies 01-Jul-2020
P0096 EXAMPLE - Building a shed In Progress Plan Dawn Holmes 29-Jun-2020 14-Aug-2020
AV2903 StEAP - CSE Lecture Recording Suspended Integrate Stephen Dishon 25-Jun-2020 30-Sep-2020
DTI055 Unibuddy Procurement In Progress Deliver Adam Wadee 22-Jun-2020 11-Dec-2020
AV2901 Chancellors FU305 Closed Close Eddy O'Hare 22-Jun-2020 30-Oct-2020
AV2902 Small Animal Hospital - Equine Surgeons Cameras In Progress Accept Eddy O'Hare 22-Jun-2020 30-Oct-2020
DTI054 Large Events Platform In Progress Initiate Chris Lawford 19-Jun-2020 11-Nov-2020
SAC084 Student Record Enhancement In Progress Execute Franck Bergeret 15-Jun-2020 28-Feb-2022
DLAS021 Media Studio Pop-ups In Progress Execute Colin Forrest 11-Jun-2020 28-Aug-2020
PMO002 Project communications toolkit development Closed Close Lala Mirzayeva 08-Jun-2020 21-Aug-2020
MVM318 DataLoch application process In Progress Initiate Laura Woods-Dunlop 08-Jun-2020
DLIB006 Library Databases and Licensed Content – User Discovery and Access analysis In Progress Execute Alex Ross 05-Jun-2020 15-Jan-2021
EDIP0115 Viznet In Progress Execute Andrew Horne 04-Jun-2020 30-Jul-2021
ITI204 Enterprise Remote Desktop In Progress Deliver Mark Downey 04-Jun-2020 17-Dec-2020
EDIS0011 RDS In Progress Execute Emily Elliott 04-Jun-2020 31-Jul-2020
EDIP0200 CAHSS Training In Progress Execute Emily Elliott 04-Jun-2020 30-Jul-2021
AV2898 CMVM - Covid Teaching Equipment In Progress Accept Eddy O'Hare 03-Jun-2020 30-Oct-2020
AV2899 CMVM - Covid Teaching Laptops Closed Close Eddy O'Hare 03-Jun-2020 30-Oct-2020