List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
SAS010 Programme and Course Information Management (PCIM) Suspended Initiate Ruth Wilson 09-Feb-2018
HRS068 R12 Upgrade for HR and Payroll Closed Close Nikki Stuart 05-Sep-2011
P0220 Staff Directory Not Started Initiate Ruaridh Stern-Mackintosh 30-Nov-2015
BAY505 Edinburgh Collaborative Satellite Data Platform In Progress Execute Rachel Summers 02-Nov-2020
LTI024 Learning Content Pipeline In Progress Execute Martin Morrey 24-Oct-2016
FIN131 Pension Scheme Changes Withdrawn Close Ben Armstrong 04-Nov-2019
HSS006 ELTC Online Toolkit Suspended Build Sally Hayward 23-Jun-2014
PMO003 PMO BI Reporting In Progress Execute Rhian Davies 01-Jul-2020
AV2462 David Hume Tower Refurbishment Project (DHTRP) Closed Close John Power 01-Jan-2014
BAY104 Improved use of DSTI programme as a route for CPD-style portfolio offering in 20/21 Closed Close Fraser Pullar 02-Mar-2020
SRSCE-G Community Grants (formerly small grant scheme) In Progress Deliver Sarah Anderson 01-Aug-2017
P0310 Investigating the presence of gender bias in the language used for job adverts Not Started Initiate Kim Tucker-Hood 01-Dec-2017
LTI015 Twitterbot - Pilot Service Closed Close Martin Morrey 08-Feb-2016
ITS089 Windows 7 Managed Desktop Rollout Closed Close Andrew Stewart 04-Nov-2011
ENT039 Decommissioning of Services and Hardware Withdrawn Initiate Maurice Franceschi 07-Jan-2019
MOOC022 Intellectual Humility - Practice Closed Close Stephen McEwan 17-Jan-2017
API023 Project Online Pilot In Progress Initiate Rhian Davies 25-Oct-2016
SEPFTP015 Finance Specialist Services In Progress Plan Kerry Richardson 01-Jul-2019
SELR003 Student Involvement : Volunteering and Recommendations In Progress Deliver Rachel Chisholm 03-Nov-2017
HSD001 HSD001: Website reviews - H&S Department In Progress Initiate Candice Schmid 30-Jan-2017
INI006 Network monitoring ping 7 improvement Closed Close Alan Boyd 02-Feb-2016
P0237 MSc International Cultural Relations Not Started Initiate Amy Woodgate 30-Jun-2016
COR005a People and Money - Estates Integration In Progress Build Mark Downey 12-Dec-2019
DTP021 Deploy MDM Service Withdrawn Initiate Maurice Franceschi 01-Jul-2019
ENT001 Vmware Upgrade and Enterprise Plus Closed Close Graeme Wood 05-Oct-2015