List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
P0347 Transition resources Not Started Initiate Donna Murray 08-Apr-2021
AV2927 IGMM Meeting Rooms SG.03 & C3.02 Closed Close Eddy O'Hare 08-Apr-2021 30-Jul-2021
DLIB007 Access to All: GLAM Data and API Service In Progress Execute Karen Stirling 01-Apr-2021 23-Dec-2022
AV2922 IGMM Expansion Suspended Design John Power 01-Apr-2021 15-Sep-2023
LUC056 UCF insurance claim project In Progress Procure Daryl Green 01-Apr-2021 14-Feb-2024
RIS018 Worktribe Upgrade v2021.1 Closed Close Anne Mathison 01-Apr-2021 17-Jun-2021
COM060 MFA Rollout for O365 Email Withdrawn Close David Watters 01-Apr-2021
EDIP0267 CGI Apps for CEC In Progress Deliver Emily Elliott 01-Apr-2021 31-Mar-2022
EDIP0265 Rubicon (Rural) Closed Close Andrew Horne 01-Apr-2021 31-Jul-2021
EDIP0306 Rubicon (Urban) Closed Close Andrew Horne 01-Apr-2021 31-Jul-2021
HRS099 HESA staff return - 20/21 Withdrawn Initiate Susan Ridder-Patrick 01-Apr-2021 12-Nov-2021
ISG020 IT and Library Business Service Readiness for Start of Term 2021/22 Closed Close Tim Gray 29-Mar-2021 03-Dec-2021
AV2926 Chrystal McMillan - Hybrid Spaces In Progress Accept Stephen Dishon 29-Mar-2021 17-Dec-2021
DTI057 EventsAir - Embed and Optimise In Progress Plan Andrew Stewart 26-Mar-2021 26-Nov-2021
LUC041 Community Connector: At Home with Heritage In Progress Plan Ruthanne Baxter 21-Mar-2021 31-Jul-2022
USG017 Clearing 2021 Closed Close Susan Ridder-Patrick 15-Mar-2021 24-Sep-2021
USG018 Mapping International Data Transfer Closed Close David Watters 15-Mar-2021 21-Oct-2021
MVM146 MBChB Supported Student Database Closed Close Richard Lawson 12-Mar-2021 22-Jun-2021
IDR305 Azure Governance and Operations In Progress Execute Maurice Franceschi 08-Mar-2021 30-Jun-2022
WPS008 Web Publishing Platform Implementation In Progress Plan Bruce Darby 08-Mar-2021 16-Dec-2022
ACS043 Delivered Catering Implementation In Progress Execute Andrew Stewart 08-Mar-2021 17-Dec-2021
EDIC0016 GOFCOE PM Consulting Closed Close Emily Elliott 04-Mar-2021 27-Oct-2021
EDIP0332 East Lothian Busy Beaches In Progress Execute Janet Roberts 04-Mar-2021 31-Aug-2021
AV2924 ECA - Main Building Hybrid Rooms Closed Close Euan Thomson 01-Mar-2021 10-Sep-2021
LUC052 Exploring and scoping the Polar archival collections of William Speirs Bruce, the 1872-1876 expedition of HMS Challenger Closed Close Lorraine McLoughlin 01-Mar-2021 31-Aug-2021