List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
AV2802 EB Science Outreach Centre - Charnock Bradley Building (G.18) Closed Close Chris Chambers 03-Oct-2018
COM031 Serengeti Document Management Server Upgrade Closed Close Morna Findlay 19-Sep-2016 23-Mar-2018
INF104 Application Tier Infrastructure Upgrade Closed Close Adam Wadee 26-Aug-2013 09-Apr-2014
HSS030 Student Voice Platforms Pilot Closed Close Anne Mathison 05-Jun-2019 14-Aug-2020
MOOC003 How to Read a Novel Closed Close Stephen McEwan 14-Nov-2016 24-Jul-2017
EDIP0020 Vet School App Closed Close Andrew Horne 08-Oct-2019 31-Jul-2020
AV2462 David Hume Tower Refurbishment Project (DHTRP) Closed Close John Power 01-Jan-2014
P0312 Digitisation of the Scottish Linguistic Survey Notebooks Closed Close Rachel Hosker 22-Jan-2018
DCCWeb DCC Website Migration Closed Close Diana Sisu 08-Apr-2020
SAS023 Resilience for Student Administration and Support (Covid-19) Closed Close Ranald Swanson 27-Mar-2020 30-Sep-2020
AV2798 IGMM Systems Medicine LT Closed Close Chris Chambers 03-Dec-2018 13-Sep-2019
MVM007 Template research administration documentation set Closed Close Maurice Franceschi 05-Jun-2015 22-Jul-2016
P0118 Mail Directory Upgrade Closed Close Graeme Wood 01-Oct-2013 05-Jan-2017
SCE018 GradeScope Evaluation Closed Close Muriel Mewissen 22-Jan-2021 30-Jul-2021
STU258 Careers - Student Alumni Community Networking Platform Closed Close Richard Bailey 09-Jan-2018 30-Nov-2018
AV2813 Charteris Land - Interactive LCDs USB Switches Closed Close Eddy O'Hare 15-Jan-2019 13-Sep-2019
SAC050 PGR Administration Closed Close Shirley McCulloch 04-Sep-2015 23-Jun-2017
MVM304 Electronic Lab notebooks Closed Close David Perry 05-Sep-2016 03-May-2018
USD010 Card Services Supply Procurement Closed Close Barry Croucher 27-Aug-2013 04-Jul-2014
FIN139 HR and Payroll Annual Maintenance 21/22 Closed Close Ben Armstrong 28-Aug-2021 23-Mar-2022
WPS001 Annual EdWeb Upgrade Closed Close Tim Gray 19-Aug-2019 17-Apr-2020
DTI002 Accelerated Software Testing Procurement and Implementation (DTI002) Closed Close David Watters 16-Jan-2017 04-Aug-2017
RIS014 REF2021 Data Requirements Implementation Closed Close Tim Gray 10-Jan-2020 04-Dec-2020
AV2699 13 Infirmary Street - LCD Screens Closed Close Guy Tittley 01-Mar-2017 29-Sep-2017
AV2780 KB-SoE Digital Collaborative Research Facility Closed Close Stephen Dishon 01-May-2018