List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
FIN087 Credit Note/ Sales Invoice Interface Changes Closed Close Dawn Holmes 18-Mar-2013 31-Jul-2014
COM007 Migrate IDM to Oracle SOA Suite 11g and Upgrade Grouper Closed Close Karen Stirling 27-Mar-2013 08-May-2015
UWP003 Polopoly: Graphic Design Refresh Closed Close Tim Gray 01-Apr-2013 13-Sep-2013
SMI003 Unidesk CMDB Closed Close Maurice Franceschi 10-Apr-2013 27-Jun-2014
FIN089 eAuthorisations Migration Closed Close Jill Nicoll 19-Apr-2013 01-Aug-2014
SAC004 - Exx Reinstate DUST Environment Closed Close Franck Bergeret 23-Apr-2013 17-Mar-2014
SAC005 - BOXI UCAS / GTTR Paperless Admissions Review - BOXI User Stories Closed Close Franck Bergeret 23-Apr-2013 29-May-2013
STU232 OLLIE & CUPID Replacement - Procurement Withdrawn Close Maurice Franceschi 24-Apr-2013 22-Nov-2013
PPS004 PECOS to eFinancials integration Closed Close Nikki Stuart 30-Apr-2013 31-Jul-2014
WEB004 WIKI Upgrade Closed Close Morna Findlay 30-Apr-2013 11-Apr-2014
TEL901 Transforming Assessment Practice (TAP) Closed Close Mark Wetton 01-May-2013 30-May-2014
WEB003 Mobile Information Solution With MyEd Closed Close Maurice Franceschi 06-May-2013 31-Jul-2014
SSG010 ESS Small Enhancements Closed Close Laura Bell 09-May-2013
STU231 Office 365 Integration for Timetabling Withdrawn Close David Watters 10-May-2013 01-Aug-2014
ECA007 eReserve for ECA Portal Closed Close Craig Middlemass 20-May-2013 25-Jul-2014
RES048 PURE Upgrade to 4.16 Closed Close Karen Stirling 27-May-2013 13-Dec-2013
UWP005 Polopoly: CMS Usage Information Closed Close Tim Gray 29-May-2013
USD011 CSWC Library Closed Close Richard Battersby 01-Jun-2013 23-Jan-2015
USD002 LLC Class Libraries Closed Close Richard Battersby 01-Jun-2013 08-Aug-2014
RES050 School of Economics Vacancy Database Closed Close Alyson Shaw 03-Jun-2013 06-Jan-2017
P0110 OCS-Inventory-Pilot Closed Close Sean McGeever 03-Jun-2013 05-Jan-2017
RES049 PURE Enhancements Closed Close Sue Woodger 06-Jun-2013 20-Jan-2014
P0111 ASTA Year End Project for 12/13 Closed Close Simon Humble 06-Jun-2013 23-Aug-2013
SAC019 Direct Admissions Review Closed Close Ruth McCallum 26-Jun-2013 04-Sep-2015
FIN090 eExpenses replacement evaluation Closed Close Rhian Davies 27-Jun-2013 30-May-2014