List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
DAT302 GOFCoE Secure Reports Closed Close Stephen Taylor 07-Dec-2020 19-Sep-2021
COM059 VRS Rewrite In Progress Execute Colin Watt 04-Dec-2020 25-Feb-2022
AV2911 LST AV Standards Withdrawn Initiate John Power 04-Dec-2020
SAC077B Data Futures - Academic Model (workstream) In Progress Build Franck Bergeret 03-Dec-2020
BAY113 Industry Dissertations Closed Close Teresa Ironside 01-Dec-2020 31-Mar-2021
DLAS024 LibSmart Phase II In Progress Deliver Marcello Crolla 20-Nov-2020 29-Oct-2021
MVM528 Provet Optimisation Suspended Plan Colin Watt 20-Nov-2020 30-Jul-2021
RSS301 Eddie / Eleanor Network Upgrade In Progress Plan Maurice Franceschi 13-Nov-2020 28-Feb-2022
DLIB011 Automation of Digital Preservation Workflow for Digitisation Closed Close Alex Ross 13-Nov-2020 14-May-2021
P0345 Virtual Classroom Options Appraisal In Progress Execute Colin Forrest 11-Nov-2020 18-Dec-2020
WPS007 Design System In Progress Plan Zak Stark 10-Nov-2020 21-Jun-2021
DTFW01 Hybrid Working Project In Progress Deliver Karen Beggs 09-Nov-2020 30-May-2022
LUC054 Leventis Edina/Athena Exhibition and Outreach In Progress Plan Emma Ulloa 03-Nov-2020 28-Feb-2022
BAY503 Data-Driven Decision Support in tourism, culture and hospitality In Progress Execute Rachel Summers 02-Nov-2020
BAY504 Digital Twin of SE Scotland Manufacturing Supply Chains In Progress Execute Rachel Summers 02-Nov-2020
BAY505 Edinburgh Collaborative Satellite Data Platform In Progress Execute Rachel Summers 02-Nov-2020
BAY307 Establish the CoPE Venture Builder at Bayes Closed Close James Ashe 02-Nov-2020 13-Jul-2021
BAY308 CoPE Scale Up Accelerator - AI solutions for a Covid-19 economy at Bayes In Progress Deliver James Ashe 02-Nov-2020
ENT209 WITHDRAWN - DR Testing and Planning 19/20 Withdrawn Initiate Morna Findlay 02-Nov-2020 05-Apr-2021
BAY501 Adaption & Renewal of Edinburgh City Centre Economy In Progress Execute Rachel Summers 02-Nov-2020
BAY502 A Policy and Strategy tool for 20-minute neighbourhoods in the Edinburgh City-Region In Progress Execute Rachel Summers 01-Nov-2020
BAY310 Secure funding for Bayes Innovation Programme 2.0 Closed Close James Ashe 28-Oct-2020 10-Jun-2021
AV2910 Anne Rowling Clinic Extension Project Suspended Design John Power 27-Oct-2020 15-Sep-2023
HAS010 AIR Rewrite In Progress Execute Andrew Stewart 26-Oct-2020 26-Nov-2021
HSS037 Replacement of ECA Mini Portfolios - Business Analysis Closed Close Sophie Izard 23-Oct-2020 27-Aug-2021