List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
SCE016 Delegated Access to Grouper Withdrawn Close Ben Armstrong 03-Aug-2020
HSD003 HSD003: Website reviews - FSU Not Started Initiate Candice Schmid 09-Feb-2017
SEPFTP006 Target Operating Model (TOM) Closed Close Ana Eden 08-Jan-2018
FTP12 Sustainable Procurement Benchmarking Closed Execute Alexis Heeren 17-Aug-2018
INI022 Remote desktop build process Not Started Initiate Vladimir Zirojevic 24-Oct-2016
SSG010 ESS Small Enhancements Closed Close Laura Bell 09-May-2013
P0228 IT and Library Service Catalogue Not Started Initiate James Jarvis 23-Feb-2016
LTI007 Drones - innovative media production Closed Close Amy Woodgate 09-Feb-2016
SRSRes05 Student Pathways In Progress Deliver Matthew Lawson 10-Sep-2018
BAY405 Introduce a revised Members & Partners model for launch in 21/22 Not Started Execute Neil McGillivray 04-Jan-2021
API005 Instant, consistent, representative local development environments Closed Close John Allison 23-Nov-2015
EDIS0016 UKDS Withdrawn Initiate Ingrid Earp 18-Oct-2019
USD027 Helpline Integration In Progress Initiate Paul De'Ath 24-May-2021
SAC009 SFC Outcome Agreements & Strategic Plan Widening Participation Closed Close Duncan Scott 06-Aug-2012
ISI014 'Pioneering Research Data' Exhibition In Progress Execute Stuart Macdonald 02-Feb-2016
CCB005 Stakeholder Engagement: Communicating with Students In Progress Plan Serena Fredrick 03-Feb-2017
SRP006 THE Impact Rankings In Progress Deliver Matthew Lawson 05-Nov-2019
DTI043 Embed and Optimise Document Management System Withdrawn Initiate Don MacIver 19-Mar-2019
SRP005 Internal Benchmarking Suspended Close Matthew Lawson 03-Nov-2017
EST105 BIM Implementation Withdrawn Close Derrick Matheson 01-Aug-2019
P0313 Near Future Library Not Started Initiate Kirsty Lingstadt 01-Jan-2018
P0245 Cats and Dogs Not Started Initiate Amy Woodgate 01-Feb-2016
HSD004 HSD004: Website reviews - Health and Wellbeing Not Started Initiate Candice Schmid 09-Feb-2017
P0324 EdGEL upgrade and evolution Not Started Initiate Bruce Darby 27-Jul-2018
TEL066 Academic Blogging Service LTI enhancements Closed Close James Slack 12-Nov-2019