List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
SSG002 Student Marketing Services Infrastructure Migration Closed Close Maurice Franceschi 27-Aug-2012 30-Jul-2013
WEB005 Mobile Information Solution with MyEd - Configuration Closed Close Maurice Franceschi 06-Jan-2014 16-Dec-2014
RSS031 DRS Outreach Phase II Closed Close Maurice Franceschi 10-Aug-2017 25-Jan-2019
MVM005 Simulated Patient Enhancements Closed Close Maurice Franceschi 13-Oct-2014 21-Mar-2016
ENT203 WITHDRAWN - Oracle DB move to Virtual Withdrawn Initiate Maurice Franceschi 02-Mar-2020 03-Jul-2020
TEL093 TELS Service - Five Year Plan Closed Close Maurice Franceschi 26-Aug-2014 05-Jan-2017
WEB003 Mobile Information Solution With MyEd Closed Close Maurice Franceschi 06-May-2013 31-Jul-2014
ISI041 Vote100 Exhibition Closed Close Anne-Marie Scott 24-Sep-2018 28-Jun-2019
LTI037 Using media to support learning and teaching Not Started Close Anne-Marie Scott 01-Jul-2019 06-Dec-2019
LTI004 Build a 3d Printer Withdrawn Close Anne-Marie Scott 09-Feb-2016
ISI005 Create a collection of 'women of note' associated with the University Not Started Initiate Anne-Marie Scott 02-Feb-2016
API016 Roll Out Book.ed and Support for 1 Year In Progress Deliver Martin Morrey 23-Nov-2015
LTI015 Twitterbot - Pilot Service Closed Close Martin Morrey 08-Feb-2016
LTI024 Learning Content Pipeline In Progress Execute Martin Morrey 24-Oct-2016
LTI016 Virtual Edinburgh Maker Platform Proof of Concept In Progress Deliver Martin Morrey 08-Feb-2016
WEB002 ECA CMS Technology Withdrawn Initiate Arthur Wilson 01-Feb-2013 11-Oct-2013
API013 Training for Project Sponsorship Closed Close Mark Ritchie 23-Nov-2015 01-Jul-2016
P0129 IS Applications Three Year Rolling Planning 2014-2017 Closed Close Mark Ritchie 11-Oct-2013
APP004-23 Procurement Question Sets Closed Close Mark Ritchie 07-Oct-2013
DTI003 Extract Transform and Load (ETL) Tools Procurement Planning Withdrawn Initiate Mark Ritchie 16-Jan-2017 05-Jun-2017
INF128 Annual Infrastructure Rationalisation Decommissioning 17/18 Closed Close David Watters 15-Aug-2017 27-Jul-2018
FIN105 FRS102 changes to financial reporting Closed Close David Watters 21-Mar-2015 31-Aug-2015
TEL070 Moodle Annual Upgrade In Progress Execute David Watters 22-Jan-2021 06-Aug-2021
STU242 CareerHub Implementation Closed Close David Watters 19-Jun-2014 19-Dec-2014
COM060 MFA Rollout for O365 Email Withdrawn Close David Watters 01-Apr-2021