List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
SEPFTP005 Policy, Schedules and Guidance Closed Close Alyson Macdonald 20-Jun-2017 19-Sep-2018
INF119 Service Resilience Capability Closed Close Karen Stirling 06-Apr-2016 18-May-2017
INF148 Patching Process for Application Components - Implementation Closed Close Chris Konczak 03-Feb-2020 13-Nov-2020
USD002 LLC Class Libraries Closed Close Richard Battersby 01-Jun-2013 08-Aug-2014
AV2696B KB-New Waddington Building Project Closed Close John Power 06-Dec-2017 31-Jul-2018
MVM508 CMVM Staff and Visitor print consolidation Closed Close Sarfraz Mohammed 30-Sep-2016 01-Dec-2018
BAY105 Focus on data-driven entrepreneurship MOOC/online course/outreach offerings in 20/21 Closed Close Kirsten Phimister 01-Aug-2020 31-Jul-2021
SAC039 Continuous Improvements Closed Close Karen Osterburg 12-Aug-2014 31-Jul-2015
TEL070 Moodle Annual Upgrade Closed Close David Watters 22-Jan-2021 06-Aug-2021
DLAS010 Learning Analytics for DLAS Closed Close Kevin Hone 01-Mar-2018 01-May-2020
LUC016 Coimbra Virtual Museum Closed Close Claire Knowles 13-Jan-2017 31-Jul-2017
ACS033 Student Application System - Enhanced Student Data Feed to Accommodation Services Closed Close Colin Forrest 14-Feb-2014 29-Apr-2016
AV2933 SoEngineering Room Upgrades 2021 Closed Close Stephen Dishon 01-May-2021 31-Dec-2021
ISG015 IS Student Recruitment Solution Closed Close Emma Mcnab 04-Oct-2018 20-Nov-2020
AV2697 Occupational Health - G9 Closed Close Guy Tittley 01-Mar-2017 29-Sep-2017
SAC049 Re-Design Student Hub Closed Close Karen Osterburg 27-Aug-2015
SAC005 UCAS / GTTR Paperless Admissions Review Closed Close Ruth McCallum 07-Jan-2013 15-Jan-2014
EST107 Estates Asbestos Systems Review Closed Close Helen Lobb 07-Aug-2017 11-Oct-2019
INF121 Migrate core databases to Oracle 12c Closed Close David Watters 06-Apr-2016 11-Apr-2019
PPS007 Procurement Website Developments Closed Close Dawn Holmes 28-Apr-2014 24-Oct-2014
AV2757 CT - 24 Buccleuch Place 2018 AV Upgrade Closed Close Stephen Dishon 01-May-2018 14-Sep-2018
LCI021 Citation and reference tools project Closed Close Sarah Ames 24-Oct-2016 22-Aug-2017
DTI028 Maturing the API Infrastructure Closed Close Ken Miller 28-Feb-2018 25-Oct-2019
LCI022 New Music for Old Instruments Closed Close Sarah Deters 24-Oct-2016 22-Aug-2017
HAS009 Health Passport Improvements Closed Close Andrew Stewart 07-Apr-2020 07-Aug-2020